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Since we are a group of like-minded people in the field of trading, the question naturally arises: "Why did we unite?" Agree, colleagues, our work is fraught with risks, so why do some of us allow ourselves to be deceived? It's time to end this!

Here are our common goals:

  • the first thing we want is to help everyone who is currently facing the issue of choosing their broker and doubts the honesty of a particular company;
  • our second task is to make every trader more knowledgeable and educated in the field of trading, providing you with various actual materials containing useful tips and descriptions;
  • and as a result, we want to make our contribution to making the market more transparent, and traders more knowledgeable (first of all, this awareness should be manifested in the ability to distinguish this broker, from the swindler who appropriates himself other people's money).

Our goals