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Actual Articles  from professionals 22 / 03 / 20 Views: 337

Warren Buffett: "You have to do this."

'You should know what you're reading,' he said with regard to accounting. 'Some people have more ability than others, but this is something I have studied on my own,' the billionaire added. After learning basic accounting, he also attended courses.

Actual Articles  from professionals 19 / 03 / 20 Views: 263

Ways to settle Forex disputes

The Finance Commission conducted an analysis of existing dispute resolution methods available to both brokers registered in highly regulated jurisdictions, such as the US, and those registered in developing jurisdictions

Actual Articles  from professionals 15 / 03 / 20 Views: 305

What the Sniper strategy consists of

Today 's material is devoted to the 'Sniper' strategy, which in six years of existence has become the subject of constant discussion on the Internet. Despite

Actual Articles  from professionals 10 / 03 / 20 Views: 286

Who will win in the crisis: brave or careful traders

An era always affects the behavior of traders and their trading results. Nowadays, during the increased volatility of currencies and stocks, both cautious and daring players change their potential trading results.

Actual Articles  from professionals 09 / 03 / 20 Views: 276

Was Bitcoin stronger than the stock market?

In general, we can say that Bitcoin functions as a stock exchange: it grows, falls, there are good days, and sometimes it seems that a series of bad days will last forever. To date, although Bitcoin has broken the record

Actual Articles  from professionals 01 / 03 / 20 Views: 314

The technology of additional reality in education

For more effective perception of augmented reality AR glasses are used, but the price of these devices is high. To get information by means of augmented reality in smartphones and tablets 

Actual Articles  from professionals 22 / 02 / 20 Views: 290

Why do trading strategies not work?

Imagine that you have studied a set of rules and an algorithm of actions that should lead you to a profitable trade. Every step you take is checked against a popular author's strategy with hundreds of enthusiastic reviews

Actual Articles  from professionals 21 / 02 / 20 Views: 494

What is the Sharpe ratio? Its advantages and disadvantages.

Income. The amount that we earn on investing in an asset over a period of time and with the presence of risk. It can be expressed both in monetary terms and in percentage.

Actual Articles  from professionals 19 / 02 / 20 Views: 293

What does a currency trader do

Currency trader is one of the few professions whose representatives survive any economic disasters. The purpose of the trader's activity is to earn money on operations of buying and selling an asset.

Actual Articles  from professionals 18 / 02 / 20 Views: 273

How to calculate trade lot manually

The main subject upon which we will touch is a ratio of the amount of a deposit with permissible values of risk and also we will learn to count the size of trade lot manually.

Actual Articles  from professionals 15 / 02 / 20 Views: 436

It is difficult to be a trader, but also profitable.

It is very difficult to be a trader for a number of reasons, and a successful trader is even more difficult, and now we will talk about these reasons. The fact is that a trader is essentially a businessman

Actual Articles  from professionals 15 / 02 / 20 Views: 264

What the profession looks like from the inside

The environment in which a currency trader will work will certainly have an impact on his earnings level later on. If you trade at home, there are distractions: Currency Forex trader.

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