Asset Gates first step for trading

Asset Gates first step for trading

The forex market now is oversaturated with brokers. Without exaggeration, there are thousands of them, and it is complicated for the trader to choose from these thousands of propositions the most reliable and professional company. To ease the process of selecting a broker, Asset Gates offers understandable and straightforward tips. These tips will suit both interested parties: those who are not a part of the trading environment yet and those who have a long history in the forex. Assetgates has the necessary experience in the currency market, as well as in the understanding of its essence and dynamics. It is very important because the success of transactions depends not only on the trader, but also mainly on the broker, so you should be very careful about the choice. Only this way, you will be able to raise your income and succeed in the market, reach a stable level of earnings, avoid losing your capital, and increase it. 

Before starting trading, learn trading strategies

If you come to the market without basic knowledge of its mechanisms, rules, and principles of functioning, even the most professional broker will not protect you from the mistakes. Typically, traders who write angry comments like “Asset Gates Scam” chose the wrong trading strategy because of inexperience. As a result, they lose the entire deposit instead of a systematic increase in income. Frequent mistakes of beginners are recklessly large transactions, lack of stop loss and take profit levels, too many deals in a row, incorrect cooperation with a broker. You can avoid all this and not say later that Asset Gates scam if you spend some time studying the features of trading.

Check out the terms of the selected broker

When you focused your attention on a specific broker, do not be in a rush to sign the agreement for cooperation. First, find out what trading conditions this company offers. Any broker, includingAsset Gates broker, takes commissions from transactions, which allows the broker to work profitably in the forex. Asset Gates can provide the most favorable conditions to its customers.

Remember that the trading terms conditions include three basic concepts:

1. Leverage. It enables the trader to open a position for an amount exceeding the available capital. For example, with the leverage 1:100, you can open the position of $10k, having just $100 on your deposit account. The leverage can be different in different companies, and even within the same company, it varies depending on the type of trader’s account.

2. The number of available currency pairs. The longer the list of currency pairs except for basic USD\EUR, the more opportunities you have to make a profit. Sometimes you can significantly increase your capital trading in exotic currencies. But novice traders are not recommended to work with them.

3. Spreads. This is the difference between the purchase price of a currency and its sale price. The spreads are the source where the broker receives the main profit.

The critical point is that the spread for a traditional currency pair is usually smaller than for exotic currencies, and the broker can set a minimum spread to attract a client. But this is not always good; with a narrow spread, there can be large commissions on the withdrawal of the profit. S we recommend to pay attention to this point when working in the forex. Assetgates does not charge withdrawal fees; please take this fact in mind. 

Read reviews

Reviews are essential when you choose a broker. For example, your attention was drawn to the Asset Gates broker. Reviews about this company are both positive and negative. But keep in mind that negative reviews can be artificial and written as a tool for competition. Usually, loud reviews “Asset Gates scammers”, without justification, not even screenshots of the trading cabinet, are fake and synthetic. The content of the real review should demonstrate the process of cooperation with the broker, specific numbers, and data, otherwise, this is a paid slander.

Learn how to replenish your deposit and withdraw funds

One of the main criteria for choosing a broker in 2019 is the conditions that the company offers to replenish the deposit and withdraw a profit. A good broker has many different financial instruments for this, but there are certain restrictions that must be observed, otherwise, the company can lose its license of a broker. Assetgates follows these rules; for example, it allows you to withdraw funds via the same payment channel you replenished the deposit.

In some cases, the broker may allow the withdrawal of your profit to another system, but this requires a very significant reason. The claims you can withdraw money via any payment system is a pure scam. Asset Gates complies with the rules of international trading activities and adheres to all restrictions for the movement of customer funds.

Try trading with a demo account

A free demo account is a great way to feel how the market works without a loss on forex. Asset Gates is attentive to its customers. Still, here you need to understand that you can not judge the whole process of trading based on a demo account. Besides, there is a widespread opinion that scammers often use such accounts to lure customers. Asset Gates advises not only to get acquainted with the demo account, but also to read reviews. Asset Gates broker can work with or without a demo account.

Choose a trading platform

A trading platform is a software in which the trading process takes place. The main requirements for a high-quality modern trading platform are the simplicity and comprehensibility of the interface - it is usually called "user-friendly”, but this definition is overused - the availability of all necessary tools, and wide functionality. A good Assetgates broker should have an excellent trading platform, and mistakes can lead to the formation of a wrong opinion about trading in general. Asset Gates offers a platform with all the necessary functions and an interface that is clear and understandable even for a beginner.

Of course, even the best broker does not guarantee you the earnings in the volatile currency market. You must understand the higher the risks, the more chance to lose the investment capital. On the other hand, the opportunity for a good margin increases with risk.


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