CapitalHall broker scam | Capital hall broker reviews

CapitalHall broker scam | Capital hall broker reviews


Want to start trading on the commodity or currency exchange, but can not choose a broker? Pay attention to Capital Hall Broker since it is a new generation of broker that works on the most favorable terms. CapitalHal (forex)l does not have strict requirements to clients, and therefore even a beginner trader can join a broker company. In addition, the company conducts its own training for clients.

How CapitalHall works and why it is not a scam

The international brokerage company Capital Hall was established in 2017, and for a year of work managed to receive the trust of clients. During this time, its offices were officially registered and opened in two economically successful countries of Europe – United Kingdom and Germany, which proves that CapitalHall is not a fraud, but a reliable developing company.

Every trader receives a lot of benefits from cooperation with CapitalHall Broker. The list of benefits can be summarized in 6 items:

1. Direct access to a reliable working platform. This is the MetaTrader4 program, which is the universal and the most reliable means of working on financial exchanges. Its main advantage is the absence of sagging, which can slow down the transfer of important information. Basic instructions for working with the platform are included in the training course for beginning traders of CapitalHall.

2. Training. As already mentioned, CapitalHall provides free training to its clients, which allows them to familiarize themselves with the main rules of working with stock or currency exchanges, managing accounts and other important tasks.

3. Technical support. Starting to work on the stock exchange, the trader get full support with all his tasks and problems. CapitalHall are not scammers and care about the success of their customers, because their profit is the basis of company reputation. Therefore competent technical support specialists respond promptly and professionally to all kinds of issues on a daily basis.

4. Consultations of experts. If necessary, every client of CapitalHall can get a professional trader's consultation. This service is also free of charge.

5. Confidentiality. Personal information of Capital Hall traders is kept in strict confidentiality and protected from theft by hackers. To do this, the company even applies a special SSL encryption protocol.

Another proof that CapitalHall is not a scam is the leverage, which does not exceed 1: 300. Such amounts are enough for large trades, while they prevent massive losses for traders. Recall that before making major operations on Forex.

Each trader can consult with a company expert if he faces any kind of technical issue. Available account types

For the convenience of traders, Capital Hall broker has developed several types of accounts that are convenient for different traders. Right now you can register Advanced, Pro and Expert account, all the terms are published at the company’s website.

Regardless of the type of account, each trader receives the following working conditions:

• leverage - no higher than 1: 300;

• maximum transaction size - up to 50 lots;

• absence of any restrictions on the number of open positions on the exchange;

• 5% level of Stop Out;

• scalping option;

• trade in the economic calendar option.

All these conditions attract both experienced and inexperienced traders to the broker. CapitalHall receives positive reviws on all areas of its work, and therefore continues to gain popularity.

Additional opportunities to work with the broker CapitalHall To attract even more traders, CapitalHall offers many ways to earn additional money:

1. Risk-free trades. CapitalHall assumes the risk of loss when concluding deals on Forex. That is, when the position goes off, the loss is paid by CapitalHall, but if it is profitable, the profit is received by the trader.

2. Affiliate programs. Such a program allows existing traders of CapitalHall  to connect their friends to the brokerage company and earn bonuses on it. The trader receives bonuses in the form of a percentage of the initial contribution of his partners at CapitalHall. Reviews below.

Even if you have never thought of participation in trading on Forex-type exchanges before, you can easily try it at Capital Hall. CapitalHall are not scammers and not a fraud. Otherwise, the company could not work in the leading European countries and see new joining traders on a daily basis. Try it and succeed!


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  1. Jack 19.02.2019
    I had some doubt before opening an account in Capital Hall, embarrassed the short period of the broker's work on the market. Of course, I did not think it was a money grab or scam, but I decided to study everything in detail and read all the reviews on the web. What can I say, after 4 months of work, I have no doubts left. The broker never failed and fulfilled all his promises. It is noticeable that although the company seems to be working recently, it is organized by experienced specialists who are not the first day in the exchange trade. All processes are optimized to the maximum, technical support on pick-up, helps, in difficult situations practically leads. Excellent guys, honestly, sometimes I just called to check the level of competence, well done. It is a pity that while the broker offers only one platform MetaTrader 4, and there are not many indexes in it. There are no trader tournaments or competitions. But low spreads, and that doubly nice — static.
    1. Miky 19.02.2019
      I traded with BKS. At some moment I compared spreads with other brokers and the situation did not appeal to me. Competitors had better and cheaper conditions. I looked at USD and JPY, this is what I'm working with. As a result, I went to Capital Hall. Spreads are not only are the lowest, they are so also static, that's additional bonus. The Meta Trader 4 offered by the broker is in my opinion the most convenient and adequate. I did not have breaks and hangs. Still the site should be updated more often and some packages be added, while it's only three now, it is not enough.
      1. Richard 19.02.2019
        I do not know how others manage to trade with BCS, but I broke down at the registration stage. It's hardcore, some difficulties are out of nowhere, papers, scans, documents… In short, I opened an account with Capital Hall, because I was impressed by the two-minute registration. It turned out, really! after registration you pour in the amount, load the scans of the docks and immediately start trading. Another five minutes to understand the terminal, while uploaded and installed. I has also put MetaTrader on my smart by the way, I also often trade with it when on my way. Norm conditions, static low spreads, commission only on them, and there is no for input / output. No, I will not say that you did not need to fill out the paper, but it's after the trade and before the withdrawal, everything is clear, not that at all for every sneeze and before you even started doing anything at all.
        1. Rudolf 19.02.2019
          I liked how everything carefully and clearly works at Capital Hall and their attitude to the client. Plus adequate trading conditions. In support, you can call up almost always from the first attempt at any time. There is no commission for entering, besides it is on the current banking rate. And the broker does not put the commission on the withdrawing, it can only be from the bank. Spreads on conditions are static, will not jump, and rather low. I would like to see more bonuses and various contests from the broker, for the dynamics and diversity.
          1. David 19.02.2019
            How would people praised Robo Forex, but I have not developed with this broker. It was expensive to work with him on my currencies. Not surprisingly, Capital Hall's much lower spreads attract experienced players. In addition, the spreads are static, which enables long-term planning of the trading strategy. It was damn good to know that this broker does not have a commission for withdrawal. I hope, in the process of growth, Capital Hall will add to its list of services webinars, contests and various bonuses for customers.
            1. Fill 19.02.2019
              Popularity is harmful, I can say this with the example of some brokers. I watched the conditions of some tops' deteriorate and opened an account with Capital Hall. It turned out to be completely satisfied, here comfortable human conditions, low static spreads, there is no commission for input and withdrawal. Still excellent conditions for scalping, orders are filled quickly, there are no requotes and disconnects. I do not regret my choice.
              1. Lilit 19.02.2019
                There really is not enough training webinars. Even with the manual, for me as a beginner it was difficult to understand the platform of Meta Trader and to start trading. I was saved only by operative support work and their high level of competence. In the rest, there are no complaints, everything pleases, especially techmanagers, low spreads and no commission for input and output. The bid for withdrawal is processed in hour and a half, the withdrawal is generally made like that and within an hour your money are already in the wallet.
                1. Daniel 19.02.2019
                  I'm trading with Capital Hall recently, as a whole, I'm happy with everything, a normal broker. I need an adequate working analyst and a start with a small amount. It is clear that before that I read the reviews, so as not to get into the kitchen and be sure that the transactions left where necessary, without draining the deposit. I saw that Capital Hall offers low static spreads + the Meta Trader 4 platform, on which I have been working for a long time. Input is quick, withdrawal is in half an hour — hour after the processing of the application.
                  1. Aldur 19.02.2019
                    A strange thing happens with top brokers when it comes to popularity. Almost immediately, their quality of service decreases. I will not give names, but more recently I traded with one very famous company in Russia. Here's the situation. Thanks for letting me get away with my money, at least I was able to withdraw all savings. A month ago I joined Capital Hall. I consciously chose not a very well-known broker, but most of all I liked the trading conditions and the opportunity to enter with almost any amount. Spreads are low, quotes correspond to average market indicators, there are no commissions. Support is often busy, but from the second time you can almost always get through.
                    1. Marta 19.02.2019
                      My assessment is 7/10. To the advantages of Capital Hall I put fast ordering and adequate support. There were no surprises, the cancellation of transactions did not happen, and the support did not throw up left-wing cases. In the shortcomings I leave the lack of terminal's choice, webinars, contests, and I still do not always get to call in support from the first attempt.
                      1. Vasiliy 19.02.2019
                        For six months of trading with this broker I have not had serious complaints about my work, from the time of registration to this day. Within one minute, I registered an account, promptly contacted the manager, talked. He told me in detail about the broker's work process, what spreads and where exactly to watch, what commissions there are, how to get verified and withdraw money from the platform. They gave a consultation on the terminal Meta Trader, more precisely, they sent a link with the instructions. At first they advised to read it myself, to figure it out, and then to call the support again with questions. After that, I calmly poured in three hundred, by the way, the operation went according to the current banking rate. And then the trades started automatically. And now I have been trading for six months, without cancellations and requotes. Pleases a clear and fast withdrawal. And what sometimes infuriates, so that beeps in the tube. It is not always possible to reach the support immediately.
                        1. Tomas 19.02.2019
                          I have never worked with the Meta Trader 4 platform. But when comparing, I realized that the trading conditions of Capital Hall are more comfortable for me than the conditions of my current broker. I thought that the need to move to a new platform from the usual C Trade could be a lesser evil. Most attracted for me was the absence of commission for withdrawal and for input too. It is clear that this was not a spontaneous decision. I thoroughly studied all the details, talked with the support. Competent managers, by the way, reassured me. I found out that all terminals have the same logic, despite some differences, plus there is a detailed instruction. In addition, you can always call in support, if necessary. First I decided to invest 300 bucks. And when I finally figured it out, I added up to 1000. Orders are executed clearly, without failures, I work with deferred ones and until the failures have happened. Requests for withdrawal are processed fairly quickly.
                          1. Rickardo 19.02.2019
                            There were some doubts before opening an account at Capital Hall, rather out of ignorance. For three months of work they've dissappeared, the broker is stable and has never failed. Somehow it quickly became clear that the company was brought out by experienced players who are good at this sort of thing in exchange trading business. Despite the broker youngness, the support definitly consists of not the begginers. All processes are optimized, employees act confidently in any situation, always help in word and deed. Several times I've been calling to the support to just test the level. Of the benefits, I can point out low and static spreads. And as for the shortcomings I miss the contests and various battles, trading tournaments. And yet, there is only one platform, Meta Trader, and there are just few indices suggested.
                            1. Sarah 19.02.2019
                              Recently I had to refuse the assistance of the Otkritie broker. Well, imagine, they have a time limit for entering currency — 1-2 days, well, it's no good. With such speed it is impossible to work, and you can forget about profits in a volatile market. I opened an account with Capital Hall. I'm just celebrating. The input takes a few minutes, and at the current rate, you can immediately calculate the numbers, a system is transparent. The withdrawal takes a little longer, but it's also quite quickly. In my opinion, as fast as possible it turns out to withdraw funds to an e-wallet, a bit slower to a bank card, well, and most of the time it takes to withdraw to a bank account. By the way, the only commission may be from your bank, the broker does not have it. I would recommend to add several trading terminals, so that not only Meta Trader was. There are still not enough financial instruments to increase the level of market analysis. There is just enough for newbies there, and when you are already gaining experience, you want to work with more functionality besides basic facilities.
                              1. Vicki 19.02.2019
                                How I came to Capital Hall. At first I failed with Weltrade, when I fell for holiday promotion with bonuses in honor of the decade. Good thing, that I quickly figured out the rest of the conditions, and it's not much, alas. Withdrew funds and went to Capital Hall. Here everything is already transparent and predictable. Spreads are lower, there is no commission for withdrawal, and the speed of operations is higher. Yesterday I ran the money to the card, for instance, it took just an hour to do everything, though it used to happen even faster. Input is also quick, 10-15 minutes. Well, yes, there are no bonuses, promotions, competitions. Well, OK.
                                1. Miho 19.02.2019
                                  Libra Forex had to leave in the past. Although I was pleased with the spreads there, but after a while I noticed that I was quietly draining a deposit on the quotes. It’s good that I realized it in time, took everything off — glad that there was no problem with it — and went to the Capital Hall. Opened an account, trading in a pair of EUR / USD. Quotes on average in the market, even a little lower, there is a benefit. Static spreads, quite adequate. Fast order processing and no slippage. While there is no experience to shaman in a storm, so that in my asset are small transactions, there was never a bounce on a broker. Disconnects also do not remember. For some time I had to deal with the terminal, here it is MetaTrader 4, but managed, and became friends.
                                  1. Leila 19.02.2019
                                    Honestly, I don’t know the ideal broker, everyone has his drawbacks. And as for Capital Hall, I am not prepared for the highest score. But here are more advantages than anywhere else. First, the fastest possible registration, the money is entered at the current rate of the bank, trading starts automatically immediately after the money falls into the account. As I understand it, this broker generally works to the maximum with an automatic style, and from that everything is fast. Secondly, specifically for my pair of NZD and AUD — static spreads, plus lower than in the market. For the rest of the currency I will not say, just do not know. Execution of orders — you will not nag, everything is smart, not counting periods of volatility. But honestly, in such situations, many would envy, for someone five seconds of slowing down at peak times is the ultimate dream. I also note that there were no disconnects, and a couple of times there were requotes.
                                    1. Diana 19.02.2019
                                      I prefer to take precautions, so before opening an account with Capital Hal I called their tech support several times with a bunch of questions. By the way, they gave all the answers and a mountain of important information from above. Intelligent, komtentnye guys reassured me. Registered, started immediately with five hundred. I thought that for the first time this would be enough, with a leverage of 1: 300, and then how it goes, I can add some eventually. I try different strategies, experimenting what is better. Quite pleased. Normal broker, static spreads, and fairly low. No commission for withdrawal. The truth is not enough insurance, but no one bothers to bid, managers do not climb into the account, so I calmly trade.
                                      1. Leona 19.02.2019
                                        Somewhere after mid-summer, I came to Capital Hall. On the spot decided to trade in the medium. After a while, I began to scalp. From experience, I can say that for an experienced player there are quite enough opportunities for both. Really convenient, simple and affordable. Technically, the broker has normal conditions for scalping, the speed is excellent, there is almost no requote. Purely for myself I prefer all the same medium term. I like to work without much risk, I use technical analysis. While I am using Stress Free, I also test a native analytics, it works, the accuracy is sufficient and the volumes are impressive. Well, it's still easier for me with a ready-made strategy. I don't have much time to sit and control events in the process. During this time, I withdraw money twice, to a bank card and webmoney. Without comission and quickly, every time for half an hour.
                                        1. Antonio 19.02.2019
                                          I found some kind of excellent convincing review about Capital Hall, read the Internet in addition, and looked at the reviews. I left a hit in my memory, and it came in handy when I had to change a broker. Then there was a moment of misunderstanding with FixPro because of one more change in price policy for the worse for me. That's when I remembered Capital Hall. According to my feelings, the people here work on reputation. At least, I have never seen any dubious offers from them, although I’ve seen everyone, such as no deposit bonuses. Trading conditions I liked right away. There is no commission for input-output, based on the current rate of the bank. Orders are executed quickly, it takes a second to open a trade, and a couple to close. When the market jumps, it slows down a bit, but not unpleasant, really do not feel the difference. Well, a few more seconds are added. So, I am satisfied with the opening of the account and the trading process here.
                                          1. Fritz 19.02.2019
                                            About one and a half to two months ago, I was looking at about variants for broker search, had my eye on TeleTrade then. But decided that it would not approach me becouse high commissions cut the whole meaning of independent trade. I stopped on Capital Hall due to spreads and other conditions. And I see a profit. Definitely, you need to learn and understand. Previously, my rise was only on demos, but in real life I had enough time to go into the negative, the profit went purely for luck. Here the broker gives all the possibilities of a stable plus. Excellent strategies, low spreads, very sensible technical support. Help and prompt. There were drawdowns too, but managers help with the placement of orders so that in the end you can go to zero or even at least not to a strong minus. Capital Hall does not have its own demos, it’s not very likely for newbies, but for a basic level of knowledge and skills there’s just enough.
                                            1. Oleksa 19.02.2019
                                              I do not really have a good experience with popular brokers. First, I got burned with Gerchik and Co. on unpredictable analytics, and the prospects of obtaining a profit is 50 to 50, a strange strategy, or you are lucky or not. Tired, spat, gone. It is clear that the new broker I has decided to choose on the basis of specific and unambiguous analytics, and stopped at Alpari. And there were not very favorable trading conditions. Again, not that. Opened an account at Capital Hall, decided to try it with a little-known broker. In principle, judging by the reviews, I would have liked the analyst, and the conditions came up. So I started to work, and happy, knock on wood. There is nothing particularly unique, the terminal is quite widely known, MetaTrader 4. Good volumes, all information is provided in a convenient format, orders are fast, and I pleased with low static spreads. There is no commission for withdrawing money to the card and the transfer of money is quick, within an hour.
                                              1. Haric 19.02.2019
                                                A month already in the Capital Hall, sharing info and first impressions. While I see the system unassembled, naked. Here are the pros and cons of this. The commission exists only for spreads, which by the way are low and static. Technically, everything works out quickly, orders are executed promptly, both for opening and closing. It is clear that when the market storms, the speed may decrease by a few seconds. Requotes not seen. What is really missing is a variety of additional services. Capital Hall has four packages in total — starting base, silver, gold and VIP platinum. Here, on the base, you could add some tools. Few things are there, although from exactly the useful moments there is an opportunity to automatically recover to zero if you go into the minus because of jumps in the market.
                                                1. Ingrid 19.02.2019
                                                  I registered at Capital Hall very simply and without straining three months ago. No scans of documents, certificates from the bank were needed, everything was decided online. I talked with tech support to deal with incomprehensible moments and find out details. I was bribed that the manager was not engaged in self-praise, and at once clarified that the company provided few extra services, because it is relatively recent in the market. No micro accounts and demos either. As I understood, when starting a company, emphasis was placed on the quality of analytics and the professionalism of the team, plus on the efficiency of the system. At least that's for sure. Orders are executed quickly, opening and closing deals take one, well, two seconds, nothing hangs, and there are no requotes. In support, requests are answered quickly, withdrawals are also very fast. Traded by local analytics, I liked the accuracy, although I looked at the indicators anyway to be sure. Although I understood what I was going for, after all, the tools in the Meta Trader terminal are not enough for me, and I would add a special package for scalping. But of course you can work if you are looking for an adequate stable broker without whims.
                                                  1. Farand 19.02.2019
                                                    Writing fresh impressions, opened two days ago an account with Forex broker Capital Hall. It was very fast! As soon as I poured in my first deposit for three hundred, the bidding went on, automatically, nice. According to the conditions the leverage is 1: 300, regardless of the tariff plan. Spreads are also the same as at the base level, which is VIP, not high and static. No commission for withdrawal, waiting for the first profit to check. For the infusion, too, there was no commission, calculated at the current bank rate. Only one terminal, Meta Trader 4. There are not so many tools at the basic level, but for beginners everything is there. The support responds fairly quickly, has already communicated twice. Calling is not difficult, but sometimes you have to be patient and wait for the connection. In general, still company has not disappointed, and I will linger here.
                                                    1. Judy 19.02.2019
                                                      I trade mostly gold and oil. I left Forex Finance when the company began to inflate spreads and it became unprofitable to work. I decided to open an account with Capital Hall. I understood that the broker in the market recently, but was impressed with the reviews, well, the stated conditions came up. What can I say: the spreads that are quite adequate to the market, do not jump into a storm due to static nature, average market quotes, there are no questions with the execution of transactions and withdrawals, everything is clear, there is no commission for deposit / withdrawal. A nice bonus was the ability to work with cryptocurrency. By cons I'll take the Meta Trader terminal, for me this is a new experience and I had to figure it out, it’s a pity that there is no platform choice.
                                                      1. Sunny 19.02.2019
                                                        Capital Hall, of course, is still far to the top of the ratings. Now it is a completely reliable company with positive feedbacks and a stable reputation, but without a gift set))) If you are in the club for a long time, then you probably get bored here without cool toys or options and other entertainment stuff. So yes, the company's youth will be a minus for someone. I don't care at all. Opened an account, deposite 300 dollars and trade. Spreads static, sane. If on average, then on my favorite AUD / USD pair — just below the market, for USD / JPY as well, the rest is not trading yet. Input is quick, at the current rate. Output is in a couple of hours or less. No card withdrawal fee. Well, something like that, everything is in principle normal, the support pleases. There are few channels for communication and support is not round-the-clock, but we are all people, I sleep at night too.
                                                        1. Linda 19.02.2019
                                                          Soon there will be a year of my work with Capital Hall. This is not my first broker, but it’s with him, it turns out, that I’ve been working for the longest time. Problems, special claims, complaints during this time I have not arisen, there were no conflicts with the support. I did not notice an outright fraud, as well as a hidden one, the system works within the framework of the prescribed trading conditions. There are some points that would be better to know beforehand. For example, with a standard speed of executing trades in 1-2 seconds, at volatility time the speed drops. Then, with regard to the withdrawal, everything is very quick and simple with him, but for the first time you have to go through the verification procedure. I never saw the information that it should be passed before the withdrawal, so I became a little nervous when the money did not come after the operation. I had to find out in support where everything went. Basically I trade medium-term deals, and did not get into requotes. I did not try to scalp, special care is needed here. Spreads are comparable to the market, even slightly lower (judging by CHF), besides static, do not jump.
                                                          1. Jicky 19.02.2019
                                                            In my opinion, the main advantage of Capital Hall is reliability and a serious approach to the organization of the trading process. I have never seen unequivocally negative reviews about scandals, conflicts or unresolved problems. Attentive and experienced consultants work in support. Lack of efficiency in their work, well, maybe the staff is not yet picked up. But from the technical side there are no complaints. Fast execution, no left deals, real quotes, spreads adequately expand the market, usually they are fixed. My pairs are USD / CHF and EUR / USD, here spreads are low. I mainly use local analytics in trades, I’m happy with the accuracy of the calculations. Not all forecasts are 100%, but if there was at least one broker with a visionary power, the world would probably have turned upside down. Scalping is available. What upsets, there is no choice of platforms, there is only Meta trade 4. Here are no contests, although I would not mind. In general, I am ready to recommend this broker. Positive reviews that met in the internet, are deserved and in the case.
                                                            1. Virgan 19.02.2019
                                                              Looks like I found a broker who is completely satisfied. Excellent terminal, almost classic — MetaTrade 4, competent support, spreads and quotes are quite adequate, sufficient choice of tools. Broker is already proven. Many times he made a profit, there was not a single refusal, managers do not climb into the account, do not draw left candles, do not insert poles into the wheels. In one and a half years of working with Capital Hall, deposite has grown from five hundred to 2k. At first, I had took all the profits, then calmed down and decided to save. I trade according to local analytics, plus use technical analysis with it, so it turns out most clearly. Spreads are static, do not jump. No commission from broker for input and output.
                                                              1. Nira 19.02.2019
                                                                Recently, Alpari’s spreads have begun to upset me. It seems all is well, but if you are a noob or want to try something new, then there is a risk of losing a deposit. I thought for a long time and went to Capital Hall yet,I was guided by the conditions and reviews online. I can not say that everything is perfect here, but the company is fulfilling its solid four. Small spreads, judging by GBP / USD, fixed, average market quotes. There are no attractions like promotions, bonuses, contests, although there are fans of such things. But as for the trade itself, the broker is definitely worthy and fulfills all the promises.
                                                                1. Parker 19.02.2019
                                                                  What I liked right away when opening an account with Capital Hall was the quick registration and automatic start of trading after the first deposit. All papers and paperwork needed only when you first withdraw. All the subtleties I found out with the managers from phone support. The guys honestly warned that many of the expected services, such as demo accounts, the broker does not have. But the company compensates for the lack of entertainment content with excellent analytics and sensible support. Well, the system itself is stable. Orders take one or two seconds. No requotes, no disconnects ever. There is no commission for withdrawal, which is nice. Spreads are rather below the average, if you look at the market, besides they are static. MetaTrader 4 platform, no complaints at all, it might be worth adding more tools to the basic level + a special package for scalping lovers. The overall impression is normal, stable, predictable.
                                                                  1. Linsi 19.02.2019
                                                                    In the middle of December, I opened an account here at broker Capital Hall. Everything went pretty quickly, even strange and unusual. I went to the minimum, 250 bucks. Traiding opened automatically after input. Under broker conditions, the leverage 1: 300 is the same for all packages, static spreads vary in price depending on the tariff. There is no commission for withdrawal / deposit. I have not tried withdrawing yet, of course. Input is at the current rate of the bank. Super convenient and high-performance trading platform MetaTrader 4 has all the tools for a successful start. I called technical support a couple of times to check the competence and the attitude to the client. I am quite satisfied, the falks are very sensible, experience and constant practice are felt at once. It’s a pity, for the first time I had to hang on the line for a couple of minutes waiting for a connection, and the second time I put it on an auto redial and connected it in about a minute.
                                                                    1. Babby 19.02.2019
                                                                      Trade precious metals and oil. Said goodbye to Forex Finance six months ago, trading conditions stopped coming to me. I feel confident in my positions, so I decided not to bother with finding options. Took the risk to work with the young broker Capital Hall. Basically, I was convinced by online reviews on thematic forums. So far I have encountered one obvious shortcoming for me — there is no choice of terminal. The broker trades through the MetaTrader 4 platform, and I am not used to it. I had to understand, but it was not difficult. From pleasant: static spreads do not jump in periods of volatility, you can plan your strategy and stick to it. Quotes correspond to the market. There is an opportunity for adepts of cryptocurrency or scalping to play with, there are all the tools and usable speed for this purpose. There is no commission for replenishment / withdrawal, the withdrawal is quite operational, as well as the execution of orders. In general, I am satisfied while I stay here, and then we'll see.
                                                                      1. Gared 19.02.2019
                                                                        Normal stable broker. Despite the relative youth of Capital Hall, their stated trading conditions are made competently and with a great knowledge of domestic cuisine (in the good sense of the word). By the way. There are no micro and demo accounts here, but it is good IMHO. It is believed that these options are usually included in these very kitchens that do not bring deals to the external market. I opened an account with a minimum deposit. The broker offers static spreads both for the starting tariff and for three more expensive packages. For my pair of AUD and NZD prices are quite adequate and even slightly below market prices. Another bonus is that there is no commission for withdrawal, and input goes at the current rate, everything is done surprisingly very quickly. Technical support rescued more than once. It is a pity that there is no other way to communicate with support in real time, except by phone. It is easier for me to write to the chat than to sit and dial and then talk.
                                                                        1. Hovard 19.02.2019
                                                                          I started working with Capital Hall that spring. During this time there were no force majeure, conflicts with support or left-wing cases from managers in my account. I can talk about a couple of moments, to warn, so to speak. Documents need to be confirmed once before the first withdrawal. I did not know that. After confirming the bid, I transferred the amount to the card and sat down quietly to wait for my precious profit in the amount of as much as $ 40))) but there was no money. I called for support, then the consultants explained to me that I need to pass verification now. After that, in just half an hour, the money went in. You also need to remember about reducing of order speed during volatility time. But all this is just moments. In general, I am satisfied with the broker. Adequate spreads, static. When buying a more expensive fare, conditions and spreads vary a little. I mainly work with CHF, very comfortable conditions. Excellent trading platform MetaTrade 4 with high performance and flexible system of the necessary settings.
                                                                          1. Fred 19.02.2019
                                                                            What bribed me at Capital Hall broker was the thoroughness in the organization of the entire system, technical support, analytical department and the resolution of all client issues. The company is ambitious, although not so long ago on the market, but staff experience is felt. Consultants tactful, competent. No complaints about the technical side. Orders are executed promptly, transactions are not canceled, no one draws left candles. Quotes correspond to the market, in some pairs higher, in some lower. I work mainly with USD / CHF and EUR / USD. Spreads are adequate, fixed, restrain from jumps in volatility. I use mainly provided by analytics, quite pleased with the number of predictions coming true. This is not 100%, of course, so easy and does not happen, but not 50/50. You can scalp if ready. The MetaTrader 4 terminal is good in all respects and has been highly respected by traders for many years. But I do not like that there are no more platforms apart from him. I would like to see more choices. And there are not enough inter-trading tournaments, contests, training material. I think the whole thing in the youth of the company, just not all at once.
                                                                            1. Vito 19.02.2019
                                                                              I increased the depot in Capital Hall for a year and a half to 2k, and I started with 500 bucks. At first I tried to withdraw profit, for reinsurance. Miscellaneous happened with other brokers. Then I calmed down. The broker works stably, there was no reason for such twitching, and I began to save. I trade according to the proposed analytics and use technical analysis. For me, the benefit is more obvious and predictable. Spreads do not jump, static, not big. Classical trading platform MetaTrader 4, customize for yourself as you need. The commission on input / output is not charged, only banking.
                                                                              1. Enri 19.02.2019
                                                                                Had an Alpari account, everything was fine, and just recently something went wrong with the spreads, so I started to lose money out of the blue. Did not immediately understand. Until I went to minus, I took off everything and began to look for an alternative. Chose the broker Capital Hall, read all feedback and studied the trading conditions very carefully. At first glance, everything was good. The quotes are not inflated, static spreads, good analytics, there are opportunities for scalping, that is, ordering is fast and without sags. Of course, slippage will be, from this no one is 100% insured, but many problems are solved with the terminal MetaTrader by customization. Little experience is enough to get started, and sensible consultants will help deal with incomprehensibility. No bonuses or intertrader tournaments, I would be pampered. In terms of work, the system is stable.
                                                                                1. Vikont 19.02.2019
                                                                                  I was immediately pleased to start working with the broker Capital Hall. The start was very simple and easy, registration in a couple of minutes, replenished the account, and go ahead, trade. I solved all questions by phone with technical support, very polite guys. I was immediately warned what was waiting for me in terms of the choice of services, what should be counted on and what is definitely not here, such as demo accounts. They drew my attention to the daily updated analytics, high speed of execution and talked about tariff plans. So far, I am trading with the base package. The system is stable, there have never been disconnects. It takes 1-2 seconds for opening and 3-4 for closening. There is no commission for input and withdrawal. Spreads are low, fixed. I like the terminal MT 4, there are so many settings that you can even smooth out the slippage. Probably, here could be not enough tools for fans of scalping. Normal calm broker with a stable system. By the way, I made all the paperwork right before the first withdrawal of money.
                                                                                  1. Luis 20.02.2019
                                                                                    I'm here recently, since December. It was even strange how quickly I was able to register and started trading. I went to the first package and poured $ 250. Bidding began automatically. In the Capital Hall broker conditions are static spreads (become more profitable depending on the cost of the tariff), leverage is 1: 300, there is no commission for withdrawal / deposit. So far I have nothing to withdraw. And the money, by the way, comes to the account at the current rate. Comfortable and easily customizable trading platform MetaTrader 4. There is everything for a successful start and growth. Communicated with support, managers are adequate and always in trend, one can feel the experience of daily trading practice. It is a pity that calling is so difficult. When I called for the very first time, I had to wait on the line for about 5 minutes. In subsequent times, I immediately began to turn on autodial so that I would no longer be nervous with the handset waiting for the connection.
                                                                                    1. Joshua 20.02.2019
                                                                                      Work in oil and precious metals. I always feel confident in my positions, so I am calmly ready to go to a more profitable broker. Half a year ago, for example, refused Forex Finance. Then came the information about a new broker who works on a good practical base of experienced traders. I also read reviews, so I have been trading with Capital Hall for half a year already. The system is really clear and calculated, it's incomprehensible only why the organizers decided to work with only one MetaTrader 4 terminal. Here is no choice, although it would be better if it is the fourth version, because the fifth is simply more than dull, IMHO. Ok, it’s not important for me for work. I'm just not used to MT and had to master it. But come what may ))) Of the benefits: fixed, quiet planning intraday transactions, excellent analytics. Lovers of cryptocurrency games will find something to do, as well as fans of scalping. Excellent execution speed and all the necessary tools, prompt output. Basically no complaints, I will continue to work.
                                                                                      1. Virgin 20.02.2019
                                                                                        Stable perspective broker. Good average trading conditions. Everything works very simple, no frills, transparent. Take it and earn it. No demo and micro accounts. I think this is correct. There is an opinion that kitchens that do not bring deals to the foreign market indulge with demos. I opened an account on the basic tariff plan for $ 250. Under the conditions — static spreads, depending on the tariff become more profitable. There are four user tariffs in total. There is a big price gap between the first and second tariffs, it’s a pity that there is no intermediate offer, I would go to that level right away. While saving up money. I trade a pair of AUD and NZD, the conditions are adequate to the market. There is no commission for I / O, top-up at the current rate, all financial transactions are executed very quickly. There are no complaints at all on the technical side, as well as the work of technical support. Hopefully, over time, more channels will be added to communicate with the support. I prefer to write in messengers, there is usually no time for dialing and talking on the phone. And just .., well, who is calling or writing to the email now, some «hello from the past» is obtained…
                                                                                        1. Bonny 20.02.2019
                                                                                          Trading with Capital Hall since last April. For all the time there were no scandals or just conflict situations with support and / or technical part. Managers do not interfere with the account. Adequate static spreads. Convenient MetaTrade 4 trading platform, efficient and customizable. What is not particularly known? I write for beginners. Be prepared for speed drops in a storm and do not forget to prepare for account verification before the first withdrawal. Everything. With the rest along the way, figure it out yourself. By and large, I like everything here. I used to trade with two brokers together. And it turns out that during this time I have already changed the second one for 3 times, but as for Capital Hall, we still are friends, everything is clear and without problems. A great option for additional income.
                                                                                          1. Capral 20.02.2019
                                                                                            I am an old soldier)) and I like clarity and organization in all matters. Therefore, the orderliness of the work of the broker Capital Hall for me is music to my ears. A clear, stable system, everything is fast, predictable, no chaos and muddy surprises. Excellent analytics, competent support, high speed of execution of all financial transactions. The attitude towards the customer is respectful. I see a broker as a promising and ambitious company with many years of practical experience of staff and management. The technical side is completely satisfied. To the honesty of managers there are also no complaints. I have never seen anyone in my account manage it. No one drew the left spiers, cancel, move or swing any deal behind my back. Trading conditions are sane, on average correspond to the market, static spreads. I trade USD / CHF and EUR / USD pairs, the quotes are the same as for the market as a whole, sometimes slightly lower. I use daily analytics of the broker, forecasts please me with the number of successful executions. I don’t believe in magic, so I don’t expect miracles and 100% luck. I have enough 65-75%. There are all the tools for scalping. I do not know yet why the broker refuses entertainment elements, such as tournaments and contests, it is possible that there will be no changes in this plan anymore. Minus!!! it is very difficult to reach the support, you have to hang on the line.
                                                                                            1. Lindaman 20.02.2019
                                                                                              I came to Capital Hall broker at the base rate a year and a half ago with five hundred dollars. During this time, I increased the depot to 20k. Six months ago, I moved to the next level with a deposit of 10k, and occasionally I withdraw money. At first, I basically only withdrew funds. I was afraid that the company would burn down at any moment. I was varied experiences. But the broker is steady, does not give grounds for nerves and panic. Trading conditions do not change from the very beginning. I trade several positions on local analytics at once, I use bots and technical analysis. The spreads are static, the second package is even more profitable. The classic of the genre is the MetaTrader 4 trading platform with a flexible system of settings for your needs. It may even minimize slippage. There is no commission for I / O, you can trade on the news, scalp and even experiment with a proven cryptocurrency.
                                                                                              1. Alex 20.02.2019
                                                                                                I traded with Alpari some time ago and everything was ok. So far, they have not made any changes, and I suddenly began to lose money, and I didn’t even immediately understand that it was due to spreads. While I began to comprehend a situation, some part of the deposit disappeared in just a few days. Took off all the remnants and left. Chose young brokerCapital Hall as an alternative. While reading the reviews and trading conditions I liked everything. Opened an account here. Now I trade currency. Total broker exposed 50 key pairs. Quotes do not get out beyond the stated, static spreads, good ordering, the system does not fail and works without cancellations. Excellent analytics. There are all the tools for scalping. Disconnects do not remember, and slippage happens, but with the settings in the MT4 terminal, you can extinguish them a little. To start here, it is better to have at least some experience and insight into trading, because the broker does not provide training material, videos and webinars. Technical support is highly qualified and will of course adapt to any level of your knowledge, help you figure it out. So far I like everything.