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Want to start trading on the commodity or currency exchange, but can not choose a broker? Pay attention to Capital Hall Broker since it is a new generation of broker that works on the most favorable terms. CapitalHal (forex)l does not have strict requirements to clients, and therefore even a beginner trader can join a broker company. In addition, the company conducts its own training for clients.

How CapitalHall works and why it is not a scam

The international brokerage company Capital Hall was established in 2017, and for a year of work managed to receive the trust of clients. During this time, its offices were officially registered and opened in two economically successful countries of Europe – United Kingdom and Germany, which proves that CapitalHall is not a fraud, but a reliable developing company.

Every trader receives a lot of benefits from cooperation with CapitalHall Broker. The list of benefits can be summarized in 6 items:

1. Direct access to a reliable working platform. This is the MetaTrader4 program, which is the universal and the most reliable means of working on financial exchanges. Its main advantage is the absence of sagging, which can slow down the transfer of important information. Basic instructions for working with the platform are included in the training course for beginning traders of CapitalHall.

2. Training. As already mentioned, CapitalHall provides free training to its clients, which allows them to familiarize themselves with the main rules of working with stock or currency exchanges, managing accounts and other important tasks.

3. Technical support. Starting to work on the stock exchange, the trader get full support with all his tasks and problems. CapitalHall are not scammers and care about the success of their customers, because their profit is the basis of company reputation. Therefore competent technical support specialists respond promptly and professionally to all kinds of issues on a daily basis.

4. Consultations of experts. If necessary, every client of CapitalHall can get a professional trader's consultation. This service is also free of charge.

5. Confidentiality. Personal information of Capital Hall traders is kept in strict confidentiality and protected from theft by hackers. To do this, the company even applies a special SSL encryption protocol.

Another proof that CapitalHall is not a scam is the leverage, which does not exceed 1: 300. Such amounts are enough for large trades, while they prevent massive losses for traders. Recall that before making major operations on Forex.

Each trader can consult with a company expert if he faces any kind of technical issue. Available account types

For the convenience of traders, Capital Hall broker has developed several types of accounts that are convenient for different traders. Right now you can register Advanced, Pro and Expert account, all the terms are published at the company’s website.

Regardless of the type of account, each trader receives the following working conditions:

• leverage - no higher than 1: 300;

• maximum transaction size - up to 50 lots;

• absence of any restrictions on the number of open positions on the exchange;

• 5% level of Stop Out;

• scalping option;

• trade in the economic calendar option.

All these conditions attract both experienced and inexperienced traders to the broker. CapitalHall receives positive reviws on all areas of its work, and therefore continues to gain popularity.

Additional opportunities to work with the broker CapitalHall To attract even more traders, CapitalHall offers many ways to earn additional money:

1. Risk-free trades. CapitalHall assumes the risk of loss when concluding deals on Forex. That is, when the position goes off, the loss is paid by CapitalHall, but if it is profitable, the profit is received by the trader.

2. Affiliate programs. Such a program allows existing traders of CapitalHall  to connect their friends to the brokerage company and earn bonuses on it. The trader receives bonuses in the form of a percentage of the initial contribution of his partners at CapitalHall. Reviews below.

Even if you have never thought of participation in trading on Forex-type exchanges before, you can easily try it at Capital Hall. CapitalHall are not scammers and not a fraud. Otherwise, the company could not work in the leading European countries and see new joining traders on a daily basis. Try it and succeed!


4 месяца назад
A couple of months ago, I opened an account in Capital Hall. At first, of course, there was a mad gamble, I tried both, and third. Then I let it go, began to think more carefully about this and counted how it would be more profitable to return what I had already been drained. Well I plunked down about one hundred out of three in a couple of days. In general, I promised myself to keep the same strategy for a week. And really, if you do not freak out in the drawdowns and catch opportunities, then you can gradually gradually get out. Leverage 1: 300, spreads are static by the way, low enough. In general, before the end of the month, I returned my hundred back and a little more. I tried to get out to sleep peacefully. I made an application late in the evening. In the morning they called back, clarified, for an hour somewhere the money came to the card.
In general, it's a big news for me that there are reviews about Capital hall. When opened here, it was in January, there were very few feedbacks on the broker. But for three months of incomplete work I realized that the broker is adequate, the trading conditions are ok and you can work with it. Sure, there are some problems, of course. I do not know any broker who does not have any disconnects or slips. Here are two or three disconnections per month, and I trade actively, though not always. Well, without the requotes. But there is no questions as for withdrawal, half an hour or an hour and money are in a wallet. Entering is quickly too. I do not have any commission for input / output, it's nice. But Capital Hall does not have webinars and demo accounts. And micro accounts too. Of course, it was norm for me to start with five hundred, but like that.
The most difficult thing after opening an account in Capital Hall was to deal with Meta Trader. And it's after Quik ... But gradually I figured it out and appreciated its opportunities. True Capital Hall does not provide basic tools, but there is enough to start. And it's quite normal to work with a broker. Low static spreads, quotes, too, do not bully. There is no rate for withdrawal as in many brokers and withdraws quickly, in an hour or two.
I tried the brokerage service VTB24, it did not match. Strongly a lot of fuss with papers, although the conditions are norm. I moved to Capital Hall, everything happens online or by phone, you do not need to go anywhere at all, documents are required on a minimum. Input is on current exchange rates, human quotes are all in the market in principle. The money withdraws without commissions and quickly enough. Well as for the key currencies here are low spreads and besides static.
The work of the broker Capital Hall can be estimated at 7/10. Of the advantages here is quickly execute orders, they did not reject transactions, so without surprises. Plus very sane support, they do not try to experiment with your account. Of the shortcomings here is not always quickly answering, there is no election of terminals for work, only not the most convenient in my opinion Metatrade. There are no competitions, and else webinars are wanted.
I was confronted with the fact that some brokers, as if to say delicately ... got greedy, based on their terms. I looked at it and opened an account with Capital Hall, as my friends advised. What I want to say. A broker with normal human spreads, and commissions are also low. I tried scalping, in principle, it quickly processes orders, there were no requotes, so I did not lose much.
For a year and a half of working with Capital Hall, the deposit grew from 500 bucks to 2k, at first I basically took out a profit, then began to accumulate in the account, as I realized that everything is ok. I trade in their analytics + technical analysis, I think that with this approach it turns out most accurately. Spreads are not large, static, do not jump, market quotes. Terminal for almost classic metatrade work, 4 version. There is no commission for the input and output of money.
After the new year I opened an account with Capital Hall. Friends advised, and the reviews about the broker on the Internet were normal. For the most part everything meets the expectations. For example, here a quick withdrawal of money and you can output in different ways. Not only in the bank or on the card, but also on the Internet wallets, and very quick. Spreads are quite sane, and besides they are also static, stable, they will not increase when the market will storm. In the minuses there is no chat support, only the phone or mail.
2 месяца назад
I worked with FinancePro for some time, at first everything seemed normal, but then some strange failures kept me from scalping. I decided to change broker, they’re so many and I’m but one. ))) Now I work with the CapitalHall account, not for a long time yet, just over a month, but the broker functioning seems to be more stable, I haven’t even met any disconnections here. As to spreads – I can tell only about euro involving cross, I don’t trade anything else, and it seems to be a bit below market. Spreads are static and don’t change. Other currencies and assets intervals are like at other companies. Orders execution time is from 2-3 to 5-6 second for closing. So no big troubles with scalping, requotes are rare. The broker’s disadvantage is only one terminal, MetaTrader. And income is not withdrawn at once, it takes 30-60 minutes, and in case of bank account even the whole day.
Basing on the first month of work with CapitalHall I can tell that the company doesn’t flake traders and offers quite normal guidance. There are enough lines and managers, so you don’t hang on for too long and wait, problems are solved quickly. Orders are executed okay too, with no major delays. There were a few requotes but not significant ones. As to disadvantages, you can use only MetaTrader, no other terminals to choose, and no webinars or bonuses and contests.
I trade with CapitalHall for two months, using my laptop with MetaTrader on Windows. The laptop is not new, but the application works fast, without deadlocks and, what’s the most important, with no server disconnections. Orders are processed quite quickly, sometimes there are hang ups at high volatility, when execution time grows to 4-5 seconds roughly. Withdrawal is also OK, especially in case of a card. With a bank account it’s longer, up to three days, but this is decent.
I had some doubt before opening an account in Capital Hall, embarrassed the short period of the broker's work on the market. Of course, I did not think it was a money grab or scam, but I decided to study everything in detail and read all the reviews on the web. What can I say, after 4 months of work, I have no doubts left. The broker never failed and fulfilled all his promises. It is noticeable that although the company seems to be working recently, it is organized by experienced specialists who are not the first day in the exchange trade. All processes are optimized to the maximum, technical support on pick-up, helps, in difficult situations practically leads. Excellent guys, honestly, sometimes I just called to check the level of competence, well done. It is a pity that while the broker offers only one platform MetaTrader 4, and there are not many indexes in it. There are no trader tournaments or competitions. But low spreads, and that doubly nice - static.
I traded with BKS. At some moment I compared spreads with other brokers and the situation did not appeal to me. Competitors had better and cheaper conditions. I looked at USD and JPY, this is what I'm working with. As a result, I went to Capital Hall. Spreads are not only are the lowest, they are so also static, that's additional bonus. The Meta Trader 4 offered by the broker is in my opinion the most convenient and adequate. I did not have breaks and hangs. Still the site should be updated more often and some packages be added, while it's only three now, it is not enough.
I do not know how others manage to trade with BCS, but I broke down at the registration stage. It's hardcore, some difficulties are out of nowhere, papers, scans, documents ... In short, I opened an account with Capital Hall, because I was impressed by the two-minute registration. It turned out, really! after registration you pour in the amount, load the scans of the docks and immediately start trading. Another five minutes to understand the terminal, while uploaded and installed. I has also put MetaTrader on my smart by the way, I also often trade with it when on my way. Norm conditions, static low spreads, commission only on them, and there is no for input / output. No, I will not say that you did not need to fill out the paper, but it's after the trade and before the withdrawal, everything is clear, not that at all for every sneeze and before you even started doing anything at all.
I liked how everything carefully and clearly works at Capital Hall and their attitude to the client. Plus adequate trading conditions. In support, you can call up almost always from the first attempt at any time. There is no commission for entering, besides it is on the current banking rate. And the broker does not put the commission on the withdrawing, it can only be from the bank. Spreads on conditions are static, will not jump, and rather low. I would like to see more bonuses and various contests from the broker, for the dynamics and diversity.
How would people praised Robo Forex, but I have not developed with this broker. It was expensive to work with him on my currencies. Not surprisingly, Capital Hall's much lower spreads attract experienced players. In addition, the spreads are static, which enables long-term planning of the trading strategy. It was damn good to know that this broker does not have a commission for withdrawal. I hope, in the process of growth, Capital Hall will add to its list of services webinars, contests and various bonuses for customers.
Popularity is harmful, I can say this with the example of some brokers. I watched the conditions of some tops' deteriorate and opened an account with Capital Hall. It turned out to be completely satisfied, here comfortable human conditions, low static spreads, there is no commission for input and withdrawal. Still excellent conditions for scalping, orders are filled quickly, there are no requotes and disconnects. I do not regret my choice.
There really is not enough training webinars. Even with the manual, for me as a beginner it was difficult to understand the platform of Meta Trader and to start trading. I was saved only by operative support work and their high level of competence. In the rest, there are no complaints, everything pleases, especially techmanagers, low spreads and no commission for input and output. The bid for withdrawal is processed in hour and a half, the withdrawal is generally made like that and within an hour your money are already in the wallet.
I'm trading with Capital Hall recently, as a whole, I'm happy with everything, a normal broker. I need an adequate working analyst and a start with a small amount. It is clear that before that I read the reviews, so as not to get into the kitchen and be sure that the transactions left where necessary, without draining the deposit. I saw that Capital Hall offers low static spreads + the Meta Trader 4 platform, on which I have been working for a long time. Input is quick, withdrawal is in half an hour - hour after the processing of the application.
27 дней назад
A strange thing happens with top brokers when it comes to popularity. Almost immediately, their quality of service decreases. I will not give names, but more recently I traded with one very famous company in Russia. Here's the situation. Thanks for letting me get away with my money, at least I was able to withdraw all savings. A month ago I joined Capital Hall. I consciously chose not a very well-known broker, but most of all I liked the trading conditions and the opportunity to enter with almost any amount. Spreads are low, quotes correspond to average market indicators, there are no commissions. Support is often busy, but from the second time you can almost always get through.