Сharingcrossgroup.com reviews | Are Charing Cross Group scam?

Сharingcrossgroup.com reviews | Are Charing Cross Group scam?

Today we focus on the quality of service provided by London-based Charing Cross Group. Since this broker came to the market and offers to trade, it is important to figure out how good its conditions are.
Let's start with the basics: registration, website, trading platform and documents.

Is Charing Cross Group scam? What is known about it?

Even if the broker just appeared a year ago, it would not be easy to suspect him of a scam project:
●    There is no usual noisy advertising of the service in social networks and search;
●    No signs of false promises for instant profits;
●    Support replies to emails and phone calls;
●    There are a lot of reviews about the accurate money withdrawal.
At first glance, we are dealing with a standard platform that came to the EU to find new clients.
There’s a difference between this company and many other newly appeared brokers. In this case there’s charingcrossgroup.com scam avoiding internal service that checks all the transactions for preventing fraud, and that’s the advantage of experienced team knowing the market and the audience.

What is known about this broker:

Registered in London, has two contact telephone numbers, an e-mail box and a feedback form.
Charingcrossgroup.com has been working on the currency market for over a decade, and also offers to trade commodities, stocks and indices.
Company offers trading software: a web terminal for desktop and mobile devices.

Сharingcrossgroup.com reviews

It is worth starting your acquaintance with this company by reading its main documents. Pay attention to the provisions related to the policy of opening orders, refunds, and also - about the risks. A few minutes of reading - and you will have an idea of how the company provides services. And here comes the British scrupulousness: newcomer will get recommendations and help in creation of market strategies, but all decisions and responsibility remain on the client's side. The company also provides leverage (1: 100), but there are some rules for its usage, so trader needs to understand all the risks related with margin trading.
Thus, the investor makes all decisions about investments and orders, while the company undertakes to train and guide him, but only in a form of recommendations. Another reason not to call charingcrossgroup.com scam project.
You can find company documents in the "Information" section, as well as in a special field at the bottom of each page of the site.

Other interesting sections of the site:

Analytics. There is a good forecast of market prices, which is based on factors of international politics, emerging market trends, planned or seasonal events.

AML policy. The section is devoted to the description of the company's participation in the international fight against money laundering. Charingcrossgroup.com scam avoiding terms guarantee that any fraudulent schemes are strongly prohibited on this website. A verification procedure is provided to filter out dubious customers.
KYC. Another page dedicated to the topic of user verification, but now in connection with the "Know Your Customer" program mandatory for the British company.
Training. A tab with a summary of how the company works with trading platforms, how it tracks trends, etc. More educational information can be obtained according to your account type.

Trading conditions for cooperation: Charing Cross Group reviews

The company offers favorable conditions with low spreads and trading with micro lots. In addition, they are trying to attract customers with an extended support policy (training, signals, webinars, trading sessions with an analyst and much more). There is a business portfolio for VIP clients.
Charingcrossgroup.com reviews on how clients are educated and guided by company managers is mostly positive. Among the complaints were listed situations when technical support was delayed with a response. However, consulting and technical support on the site takes place 24/5, that is, the staff has days off.
Charingcrossgroup.com reviews describe the start of cooperation with broker: first trader needs to register on the website. All the details must be filled in the registration form (they will be encrypted, since the resource uses the SSL protocol).

The company requires mandatory verification, for which you will have to send to the broker's technical service (upon request):

•    Digital ID photo;
•    Photo of a receipt for utilities or purchases (where the client's address is visible and his name is);
•    Bank statement (if required);
•    Photo of the client along with the document (if required).

The company reserves the right to close the client's account if it is suspected of conducting fraudulent trading activities or money laundering. The security service of Charing Cross Group scam avoiding department tries to catch scammers and other fraudulent activities at the initial stage.
The broker offers all types of exchange trading, focusing on buying and selling currencies in the forex market. All types of orders are available to clients, including trailing stop and others. There is margin trading and the leverage is up to 1 : 100.


Types of trading accounts

Clients can choose from 5 account types. All of them have support, training, sessions with an analyst, leverage services are also provided everywhere. However, the top accounts have more available functions.

What about additional services?

Charing Cross Group allows honest partnership, and it is generously supported for those who wish to promote company’s services. The company has two systems for attracting referrals (for which customers receive bonuses and monetary rewards).

System 1. CPA (Cost Per Action) - payment for the “bring a friend” function. That is, you can get a reward for recommending a broker to other traders who register in the service and start trading.
System 2. CPL (Cost Per Lead) - reward for promotion of the charingcrossgroup.com in your account, blog, YouTube channel or social networks. You can post a mention of the service, give a link. There will be a reward for clicking on such a link and registration.

Details on how much you can get for fulfilling the conditions of referral programs can be found after filling out an application for participation.
For businesses, there is the possibility of cooperation with charingcrossgroup.com. Details can be found by contacting directly by phone number or e-mail address.


Feedback on the technical side of cooperation with company is also positive:
•    Own trading platform based on the Metatrader platform (versions 4 and 5);
•    Convenient mobile application (can be downloaded on the website by QR - for phones on Android and iOS);
•    SSL data encryption (128);
•    Security achieved through two-factor identification;
•    Fast procession of technical issues.


Obviously, Charing Cross Group reviews show that the quality of service offered by the brokerage company can be considered high. This conclusion is confirmed by the reviews of English-speaking clients, which can be found in abundance on European sites. They note the good work of the terminal and the responsiveness of the technical service, while Charing Cross Group scam preventing algorithms keep trading process safe.

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