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Feedback from this Forex broker


The British company Atom8 specializes in providing services for trading currency pairs, indices, commodities, CFDs on stocks, options, metals and other instruments that brokers usually work with for Poland. It has been present in the market since 2013, its activities are regulated by the FCA license.

Trading conditions

In addition to the company providing the usual brokerage services, Atom8 is:

The company pays great attention to the quality of its work and reputation.

Like many brokers for Poland, it establishes the basic conditions for cooperation. And they include:


Feedback from this Forex broker for trading conditions?

In traders reviews, the company looks quite OK. There are no allegations of fraud or scam. Although it is noted that such brokers are not for beginners. Verdict: Positive.



Account Types

The company offers accounts other than those most often offered by brokers for Poland.



Raw Spreads + Comm


Reviews earned for types of trading accounts

Traders do not express any complaints about the choice of trading accounts and see no reason to consider this broker a scam. Some consider the commission to be high, but these are isolated cases.




Deposit and withdrawal of funds

To deposit funds to a deposit, a set of tools is narrower than brokers usually offer for Poland:


Feedback for depositing and withdrawing funds

There were no complaints about a fraud or a scam, but there are reports of a too long transfer of funds during withdrawal. However, at the same time, there are no accusations that the company is a scam.

We can say that the broker’s verdict: POSITIVE





Service and maintenance

The set of escort services provided to clients is already, but more significant than brokers usually offer for Poland. It includes:

The site and support work in English.

There are no contests, promotions, etc., but at the same time quite serious professional content.


What Forex broker earned for the service?

From time to time, there are complaints in the posts of Polish traders about too slow support service. Although often there are absolutely laudatory reviews.

We can say that, despite the flaws, verdict: POSITIVE



The company pays special attention to the reviews of its customers. Despite the lack of a Polish version of the site and an official language support service, it has a fairly wide base of customers from Poland.




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Feedback from this Forex broker
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Types of transactions on Forex

Any trade is opened, at this moment a certain Commission may be deducted from the trader's account, and it is also opened initially in a somewhat unfavorable position.

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