How Trump’s Trade Policies May Affect The International Traders

How Trump’s Trade Policies May Affect The International Traders



The US President had not supported the free trade agreements and some foreigners that are striving to buy the US assets. Experts said that this view could have a substantial influence on both domestic and international traders. But how it can affect the FX market and even some brokerage platforms as Sharefounders Forex?

Effect On World Trade

The limitations and further cancellation of free trade agreements are considered to be a measure with a short-term positive and long-term negative impact on the USA. The short-term pros are in the establishment of new jobs for local citizens, whereas the long-term cons are in the negative impact on the industry as a whole. 

Some other countries could face more essential short-term aftermath if their economies have direct connections with the US industry. Mexico is one of these countries, since the county is the biggest partner of the United States with about 80% of exports therein. The increased tariffs could also damage China that export massively to the foreign markets, including the US. 

The Damages Of International Traders

The observed trading policies may have a variety of damages and consequences for a cohort of international traders depending upon the region or a country. 

It is obvious that some countries that have a strong link related to the export with the United States, will suffer the most. The USA has a strong economy that could damage any of the emerging markets in the short-term, as constantly reducing interest rates adversely affects the lenders on the FX market as well as it was supremely important for Sharefounders Forex users. Therefore, some emerging markets could face severe problems owing to Trump’s trade policy. 

Asset Hedging

Despite all, there is a variety of approaches to hedge international assets against the negative impact of the new trade policies. A community of passive investors tends to be more passive and wait for a better moment to start trading by merely outlasting market volatility. Proactive traders, in turn, tend to be more active in order to lower the possible risks and save their funds. This may be notably essential for those traders, who are seeking stability at FX markets with the reliable brokerage as Sharefounders Forex.

There is a variety of ways to calm the situation on the market: 

  1. Establish interest rates at a higher level than it was before.
  2. Reducing the market’s exposure to the newly launched trade policies.
  3. To hedge funds against the market’s volatility using options or, for instance, some other trading tools as Sharefounders Forex trading terminals.

The Main Thing

The new trading approach established by the US President, could have a potential impact on the majority of international traders, especially on the FX market. And it is vital to choose the credible trading partner, which provided the clients with the most transparent trading conditions. Use all of the trading tools presented on Sharefounders Forex to protect yourself against the market’s volatility.


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