What is a market supply

The supply bend depends on the introduce that each factor remains the same with the exeption of the market cost . It has just been specified over that, notwithstanding the cost of supply, numerous different components

Crypto-currency market | Bitcoin cost

Pouncey thinks that uncompetitive investors will disappear from the market, and the rest will be able to count on good news. It is because of this that the value of coins will increase again and for a long time.

Brexite | Britain economy

After the referendum on "brexite", inflation in the UK rose sharply against the background of a depreciation of the pound sterling and an increase in the cost of imports.

US and China crisis | global economic crisis

Recent events and decisions of the US cause a lot of controversy and fear. We decided to figure out what, nevertheless, should be expected in the near future.

Economy of USA growth | Growth rates of economy

The Bureau of Economic Analysis of the US Department of Commerce finally estimated the real GDP growth of the country in the fourth quarter of 2017 at 2.9% in annual terms.