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PrivateFX brokerage company


 PrivateFX brokerage company positioned itself as an innovator among brokers for Poland, actively using PAMM accounts in its activities. It was created with the help of Concorde Capital in 2015. In 2017, information appeared that the broker had become chamfered and stopped paying.


Traders' Opinion on Basic Company Information

Forex broker negative reviews

Initially, the company was looked upon as the heir to the Forex Trend financial pyramid, suspecting it of associations of intentions of a divorce and scam, in addition, the lack of a financial regulator contributed to the growth of suspicions that the broker is a scam;

Forex broker positive reviews

At the beginning of PrivateFX, there were a lot of feedback from traders who began to successfully interact with it.

We can say that even initially the opinions about the company were extremely mixed.


Terms of cooperation

In its activity, PrivateFX actively used Forex Trend tools that brokers used to use in Poland before, as well as an innovation - an auto-follow system that makes it possible to copy transactions.

In the trading conditions were listed:

The opinion of traders regarding the trading conditions of the company

Forex broker negative reviews

Using Forex Trend trading tools initially caused suspicion - and not whether it is a divorce;

Forex broker positive reviews

At the same time, at the initial stage of the company’s activities, many traders in Poland found the terms of cooperation very suitable;

Before scam, trading conditions were most often evaluated positively.


Deposit and withdrawal of funds

An impressive selection of funds was proposed for depositing and replenishing the deposit, including all the most popular methods that brokers use for Poland.

All of them, with the exception of bank transfer, occurred within one day.

The withdrawal of money was made at the request of the trader and without commission.


The opinion of traders regarding the quality of depositing and withdrawing funds

Forex broker negative reviews

As the number of customers increased and over time, messages began to appear about the divorce and scam from the broker, it was reported that as a result, payments stopped completely;

Forex broker positive reviews

Positive reviews were at the beginning of the company’s work, later they came to naught, their place was taken by accusations that the company was a scam


As a result, we can say that the reviews about the company have become extremely negative.


Customer service

The broker positioned itself as an intermediary for traders with experience, therefore, did not provide trainings and training similar to those that brokers sell for Poland.

In the arsenal of his services were:


The opinion of traders regarding the quality of service in the company

Forex broker negative reviews

Since the beginning of problems with payments, the feedback from traders has become sharply negative;

Forex broker positive reviews

Initially, there were positive reviews, especially regarding the work of the support service;


In general, taking into account the dynamics of opinions, we can say that in the end the reviews were negative.


Trading platform

The company offered traders two platforms:




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PrivateFX brokerage company
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PrivateFX brokerage company
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PrivateFX brokerage company
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Types of transactions on Forex

Any trade is opened, at this moment a certain Commission may be deducted from the trader's account, and it is also opened initially in a somewhat unfavorable position.

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