Sharefounders review, broker forex for people. Scam?

Sharefounders review, broker forex for people. Scam?


Risk management is a business process that exists not only in the forex. Sharefounders, a brokerage company, indicates that risk management is a part of the general money management process. However, the process of money management manages the inflow, redistribution, and expenditure of funds, while risk management is a narrower process. Risk management identifies, evaluates, and reduces business risks that can lead to the loss of money.

In fact, risk management appeared together with business, especially with trade. The reason is simple: every business is a risk in this or that way. As a rule, a business owner remembers it is possible to lose all money and looks for the approach and methods of risk mitigation. However, business risk management as a discipline shaped only at the end of the 21st century. Globalization, the growth of large corporations, and the development of complex business systems required the corresponding processes of risk mitigation. Share founders broker explored the role of risk management in the Sharefounders forex market and provide some recommendations for the traders on risk mitigation.

If the Hugh Risk Makes Share founders forex Close to Gambling?

Any forex professional cannot deny the currency market has many similar features with the gambling. However, says Sharefounders forex, this likeliness is based on psychological moment more than on the basic rules and principles. The access to both markets is relatively easy: you should not have a special education or huge capital to become a gambler or a trader. Most of traders and gamblers enter the market to make a capital, but on both markets 95% of newcomers lose their money and quit. As last, the emotions can serve bad for both categories. However, these parallels do not do Sharefounders broker a scam, because the fundamental principles of both markets are different.


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Any forex professional cannot deny the currency market has many similar features with the gambling. However, says Sharefounders forex, this likeliness is based on psychological moment more than on the basic rules and principles. The access to both markets is relatively easy: you should not have a special education or huge capital to become a gambler or a trader. Most of traders and gamblers enter the market to make a capital, but on both markets 95% of newcomers lose their money and quit. As last, the emotions can serve bad for both categories. However, these parallels do not do Sharefounders broker a scam, because the fundamental principles of both markets are different.

Despite the existing likelihood, it would be unreasonable to compare forex market with a gambling. Gambling is just a game based on the theory of probability, and often spoiled by fraudulent technologies. Currency market is a part of a global financial system with the thousands of actors, billions of capital, and the significant influence on world finances. Of course, business risks are the important part of this market.   

The role of risk management in the forex market

The paradox of the Forex market is that the money is both a total equivalent and a commodity. Therefore, money management is the primary skill of a trader on the forex. Sharefounders notes: without using the process management system for risk management, forex trading quickly turns into a gambling game with a predictable ending: no player can be lucky forever. Such a trader is quickly disappointed and starts saying Sharefounders fraudsters.

Trading on financial markets is a high-risk business. Of course, the goal of any business is to make a profit. But in the forex market, it is not enough just to make a profit. It is also necessary to learn not to lose both the profit and the initial capital, accusing the brokers and claiming that Sharefounders fraud. In the trading system, risk management is mainly the determination of the trading position size, the frequency of opening positions, and further strategy depending on the results of the transaction. It sounds too complicated, so let us explain with simple words. Every time the trader should decide, what amount of money he is ready to risk, and how many times per day, and what is next. 

Technical and Emotional Risks: Sharefounders broker reviews

When we start discussing the technical analysis of the forex market, we speak about the probability. Share founders broker  explains it with the simple example. Imagine, the president of the United Sates plans to address the Congress and to explain his position as for the trading regulations with China. The market reacts on this news for several times. First, after the initial announcement the traders open the positions – “buy” or “sell”, mostly for USD and other currencies. Then, after the content of President’s speech is published, the market analysis it and predicts the future of the American currency. If the market believes the American economy will raise after the implementation of new trading regulations, the positions of the USD become stronger, the greenback goes up. The traders close the opened deal with profit or loss, depending of the direction. Sharefounders broker reviews prove any important economic news initiates several waves on the forex market.

Take in attention that all these waves have no technical reasons. The traders open the positions basing on the analysis and emotions. Then they close the deals, also basing on their emotions. Of course, the modern trading software allows setting the stop-loss and get-profit levels – the open deal will close automatically when the currency pair reaches the set level. However, the real situation is different. Sharefounders broker reviews show the periods of market volatility, related to the important economic news, is the time of the biggest losses for the individual traders. If they understood the risks correctly, they would wait for a calmer period and stayed away of trading in the time of the important news.

Why do we pay so much attention to this issue? It's all about the trader's emotions. Having received the first serious profit, or vice versa, the first time losing much money, the trader can succumb to feelings. Then he starts opening ill-conceived positions, trying to either catch luck or compensate for the loss. As a result, the total profit for the reporting period - a day or a week - is minimal or even negative. The trader is disappointed and declares Sharefounders scam.  Thus, the overall result of the trader's work is the ratio of losses to profits, as well as the ratio of successful deals to unsuccessful ones. These are two different indicators, and we will discuss them below.

We can provide the long instructions on risk management and explain different ways of risk mitigation. Diversification of the actives, financial plan, personal limits, and personal affordable loss level – all this methods are really helpful. However, there is no real value of these complicated techniques, if the trader cannot manage the personal emotions. A risk is not only a technical factor but also an emotional one. Working for many years on the forex market, Share founders broker saw numerous traders, who followed their emotions and opened the risky transactions – for example, in the period of high market volatility after the important economic news. After they close the deal with the negative profit, they claim Sharefounders broker scam. However, it is just a poor risk management.

Risk Management and Capital Management

There are several principles of capital management in the forex: Sharefounders emphasizes that it is not necessary to follow them. If the trader does not plan to stay at the forex market for a long time but came for experiment and pleasure, the rules are not needed. In other cases, you should act like the following:

- Find and use all the available ways to limit possible losses and ensure your survival in the market;

- Achieve constant profitability in the process of work.

As we can see, risk management, i.e., limitation of losses, is higher in this shortlist than profitability. This is reasonable. You can get rich slowly. You can't start chasing big profits and risk all available money.

Often you can hear that a trader should strive for the profitability of 40% per year. This is a perfect and high percentage; it is higher than any bank deposit rates, and it looks desirable. But if you calculate this percentage every month, you will get a little more than three percent per month, say the experts of Sharefounders broker. Reviews say many traders will find this percentage not attractive enough. Many of them expect to increase the deposit by 40% in the first month of trading. However, the trick is that all months cannot be equally profitable, and the profits of one month should compensate for the loss of another. In this case, 3 percent per month do not look bad. After all, writes Sharefounders broker, the famous billionaire Warren Buffett adds 15% per year to his net value. On an annual basis, it is just a little more than a percent per month. It looks so moderate, but Warren Buffer is still one of the wealthiest people in the world.

The practice of capital management in the currency market

Even a novice trader understands it is not worth risking all the capital for one bet. If something goes wrong - and it is quite possible in the forex market - then at one moment, the trader will lose everything. This is followed by disappointment and conviction that Sharefounders scam. And the half and even a quarter of the deposit is also too much. Even if you bet on one-tenth of the deposit, most likely, soon, it will lead to the loss of all funds. Market researches show that it is necessary to open a position for no more than 2 % from the deposit. And experienced traders say that this is also too much, and the rate should not exceed 1% of the deposit.

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Total net profit

This is a technical indicator that is calculated by deducting the gross loss from the gross profit. If the net profit is significant, this indicator is very pleasant for a trader, because this money can be withdrawn from the deposit and spent on personal needs. Also, the total net profit can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the trading strategy in the forex. Sharefounders advises to go beyond this metric.

Maximum drawdown

This is another technical indicator - the level to which a trader allows to reduce his deposit, the allowable level of loss in the specified period of time. It is measured in the deposit currency.

Recovery factor

An indicator that shows the ratio of net profit to drawdown, and in simpler terms, how many dollars (or other currency) falls on each dollar of loss. If this indicator tends to one, the trader is ruined, says Sharefounders broker. Reviews from experienced traders say that this factor should be no less than three.

Winning to losing ratio

This ratio shows the number of positive deals relatively negative. This is a valuable indicator: in combination with the recovery factor it helps to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a trader's strategy, and minimize the risks of repeated errors. These rules will help to gain experience in trading and, perhaps, to achieve success.

Conclusive thought

Of course, no theoretical knowledge of risk management or capital management can bring you a fortune – unless you are a high-paid university professor on these disciplines. However, this is obviously the useful knowledge. Moreover, the trader, who knows, understands and uses the rules of risk and capital management has the higher chance to save and multiply the deposit. Share founders broker provides to its clients the set of education materials that helps to get the basic knowledge and improve your trading skills. Combination of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills is the best way to the success.


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  1. Gilliome I. 03.01.2020
    Sharefounders is awesome. Aint gonna try to prove it here, it’s either you worked with them and know what I mean or you didn’t.
    1. Ninel A. 13.01.2020
      I didn’t believe before that my investment can be multiplied several times with just a couple of good months, but Sharefounders has proven me wrong and I’m grateful for that
      1. David G. 16.02.2020
        I can not speak for all the traders out there but for me the time spent at Sharefounders was extremely successful. Dunno if that’s all me or the quality of service. Don’t care much, to be honest.
        1. Isa P22 19.02.2020
          ShareFounders can become a guru for someone who’s looking for a reliable broker to enter the forex market. Love them.
          1. Tracy N. 21.02.2020
            I’ve seen a lot of support service teams, but those guys from ShareFounders are the best. Solved my problem in no time, gotta give them credit.
            1. Ava I. 24.02.2020
              ShareFounders are so easy to work and communicate that I sometimes wonder if my cat could become a trader. Guess I have to ask their support service LOL.
              1. Joseph E. 27.02.2020
                ShareFounders are good if you have enough knowledge and experience to make the most out of cooperation. If you do – don’t waste an opportunity.
                1. Ethan V. 29.02.2020
                  I wish I’ve heard earlier about ShareFounders. After I started working with them, I’ve never looked back, just no need for another broker.
                  1. Mason VV. 02.03.2020
                    Of course, forex brokers are no magicians, but ShareFounders got pretty damn close. Love these guys.
                    1. Carroll Malcolm 05.04.2020
                      I’ve made ignoring positive broker reviews my habit — you always gotta check everything with your own eyes and your own experience, and in case of Sharefounders it turned out to be quite profitable. Made some good coin with them.
                      1. Calhoun G. 02.04.2020
                        That’s how i like my money: invested, multiplied, returned right into my loving hands. Thank you Sharefounders!
                        1. Oswald R. 17.03.2020
                          Tried demo acc on Sharefounders, felt nice, want to join and try the real thing
                          1. Palmer Nathan 06.03.2020
                            To me Sharefounders is nothing special. I might change my trading broker to numerous others and feel no difference. Maybe you can find something to your liking though.
                            1. Salomon D. 26.02.2020
                              Sharefounders is good. Not shut-up-and-take-my-money but still pretty good
                              1. Stanley H. 02.03.2020
                                Had some worries because of how long does the Sharefounders withdrawal time is, but its fine now, my money came home. $600 profits in three months, depo was $1100
                                1. Philbert Collins 08.04.2020
                                  Make no mistake, advertising and public relations is a huge factor in success of a broker company, but the core will always be in the skillset and market agility. Sharefounders, for example, might lack in the department of advertising, but they really do know how to trade and that's what matters.
                                  1. Douglas McDaniel 12.04.2020
                                    My broker just went out of business, what a bummer. Any advice on who do I switch to? Sharefounders maybe? Any info on them?
                                    1. Jackson Herrera 17.04.2020
                                      Well, I guess my search for a broker ends now. Going to stick with Sharefounders from now on, these guys look really decent.
                                      1. Max Townsend 21.04.2020
                                        Got in contact with Sharefounders representative recently, was told about all those trading opportunities; gotta admit I'm really interested now.
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                                          All the people who request broker services might wanna turn their attention to Sharefounders, those guys look like one of the good options out there.
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                                            It doesn't seem that the broker industry is on the rise right now, still glad to see that Sharefounders and other brokers are surviving.
                                            1. Hellen W. 10.05.2020
                                              Where do you get news and reviews for instruments? Wanna check something. Have anybody seen some “real” financial news? Because everything from Investing and others just looks like mix of old news from different sources, and when I try trading with Sharefounders on it I just see as a market reacts quite the opposite as it should.
                                              1. Callen B. 14.05.2020
                                                Don’t think too good for these guys, they’re just regular. Nothing bad either, but they are no magicians
                                                1. Elton Goover 15.05.2020
                                                  There are some minor problems with Sharefounders, but they are nothing to be too worried about, mostly concerning the withdrawal timing (which can sometimes be too long). In other regards they are solid and I really loved my time with them.
                                                  1. Shelly Ledge 18.05.2020
                                                    Feeling especially calm today because of all the bright moments Sharefounders has made for me. Working with them was a lucky strike hehehe.
                                                    1. Federic McKint 23.05.2020
                                                      another succesful week. I've no Idea why u guys aren't working with Sharefounders yet. I've been enjoying their services for a while now and can vouch for them with both hands.
                                                      1. Keane Snyder 25.05.2020
                                                        For those saying something about 'general', 'average' broker and so on — I would surely take your arguments into consideration if it wasn't for the fact that Sharefounders has tripled my profits in 5 month after I began working with them.
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                                                          Sharefounders is just really good, maybe the best out there. At least, I'm yet to find anyone better and don't really think I will. You just cant beat their terms and staff.
                                                          1. Callum 29.05.2020
                                                            I've had to wait 12 hours for my withdrawal to appear on my bank account, and broker keep telling that it's because of my bank delays. Maybe so, but why can't I change my payment method if I don't like it this way?
                                                            1. Precious Emery 03.06.2020
                                                              I would really love to look into the future after a couple of years to see how all you smart and self-reliable traders are doing. I’m pretty sure that withou a decent broker you will be out of business pretty soon. Im not saying you should stick to Sharefounders like me, but you have to choose someone.
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                                                                To me Sharefounders was like an island of hope and success in the sea of good-for-nothing brokers, really. They turned my luck right around and I am really grateful for that.
                                                                1. Reef Devine 20.06.2020
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                                                                      The thing about Sharefounders is that they don’t have that one quality that would make them special among hordes of other brokers, I’m afraid. They are just plain and standard broker company with “so-so” for every grade they could get.