Stock Global forex broker: how to trade online and not to get burned

Stock Global forex broker: how to trade online and not to get burned



Today, very few people would like to stay tightly tied to the monitor and sit here all day long, because the modern pace of life requires the rational time usage. This statement fully applies to trading, where the usual expression “time is money” acquires a particularly deep meaning.


For the convenience of clients, StockGlobal Forex brokerage company offers an efficient and up-to-date solution, the MetaTrader 4 trading platform developed by MetaQuotes Software Corp.


This powerful and modern application gives you the opportunity to attend the exchange 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world without limiting yourself in any other activities.


This choice was made intentionally, it had become the result of StockGlobal broker reviews studying for various trading platforms. In addition, MetaTrader 4 showed the best balance of productivity and security.



Current requirements for mobile trading applications


The requirements for the mobile application include several points that are of most importance. Check the list of the factors that directly affect the efficiency of the trader and his market orders:


·         Maintenance of functionality in comparison with stationary software;

·         Convenience of the interface, allowing you to respond to currency exchange rate movements as quickly as possible;

·         Reliability, protection from hacking and keeping StockGlobal customer data safe from scammers;

·         Wide analytical toolkit.


The priority list also includes the ability to customize language settings and multilingual support.  But reviews by StockGlobal broker indicate that most traders prefer English version of the software.


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Brief characteristics of StockGlobal Forex mobile platform


The flexibility of the MetaTrader 4 mobile version allows you to implement almost any trading strategy. It fully retains all the advantages of the desktop version of the program, including powerful functionality. It includes:


·         Full trading account management;

·         All types of orders and execution modes;

·         Security system to protect StockGlobal from scam by hackers;

·         Availability of transaction history;

·         Multilingual support;

·         Interactive quotes charts;

·         Analytical tools include 3 types of charts, 9 timeframes, 4 analytical objects, and 30 most popular technical indicators.;

·         Auto Trading;

·         Mobile chat, mail and financial market news.


Immediate execution of orders allows continuous trading, and auto trading allows using advisors to create your own trading system. In addition, Stock Global broker clients can use push notifications. It can be said that the functions of the mobile version are practically no different from its counterpart for desktop computers.


Protecting StockGlobal customers from scam and hacking


Compared to the desktop, the mobile version of MetaTrader 4 has the same appropriate level of security. The same protection algorithmes is a reliable shield for StockGlobal against scam, making it impossible for unauthorized persons to access data and preventing information leaks. Usage of 128-bit keys and RSA asymmetric encryption algorithms has proven the reliability of MT4. StockGlobal’s client will be absolutely safe from scammers, of course if they would not pass their login details to any strangers by their own hands.


How to install the mobile version of MetaTrader 4


Mobile trading with Stock Global broker at Forex can be carried out both from iPad and iPhone, and on devices with the Android OS.


For a successful installation of the platform on a mobile device, it must meet the following requirements:


Version for iPad and iPhone
iOs 4.0 or better
Version for Android
Smartphone or tablet running Android OS 2.1 or better


And since StockGlobal scam none of its clients, the installation of this software is absolutely free. This applies to both versions of the mobile platform. 


If mobile trading is not enough


When there’s no way to access trading terminal from a mobile device, Stock Global broker recommends using the MetaTrader 4 web terminal. It can be opened in any browser as a regular web page. Its functionality is slightly simplified, but at the same time, trading with the web version remains stable and profitable.


Features of the web version:


·         Real-time quotes;

·         Full-fledged work with market and pending orders;

·         9 timeframes;

·         Trading from the chart,

·         Access to history, quotes, charts and current trading positions in offline mode.


It allows you to work under any operating system without installing additional software. The MetaTrader 4 platform is the best opportunity for the Stock Global Forex trader.


Every trader will find the most convenient version. Internet trading, regardless of the place and time of day and without any extra expenses, supports the proper level of comfort provided to StockGlobal broker clients. Turn your time into money.



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  1. Zender 11.07.2019 #
    Good platform (in comparison to others I've tried before) with nice people and customer support. Leverage is allowed and many assets to choose from. I have tried to withdraw small amounts, all works ok. Would recommend without hesitation!It is my first experience trading on the financial market. Thanks to my broker I have started a brand new life. Its unbelievable how easy the money can be done. I was taught a few tricks from the professionals and I am capable now to generate around 4,000 extra every month. All these news around Oil and Gold, Bitcoin and Stocks are making sense to me and thanks to Stockglobal I know how to make money on it. First step was very scary, but it has turned up to be the best decision in my life. Thank you for your support and education.I am working with this broker for 7 months already and they are very helpful and professional.
    I and my broker Peter Herbert have a good strategy. He is teaching me bases and showing me Trading business from inside. Also we are making good profit. Of course this is realistic numbers, but 28% in 2 months this is more than I expected.
    Customer support working like usually, some days answer in 1 min some days waiting for couple of hours, but in general 4/5
    They have wide range of instruments — currencies, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks and even indexes.
    Their MT4 platform is very user friendly and especially for beginners pretty easy to understand( of course you need some time to understand bases).
    1. Parel.L 01.08.2019 #
      Very professional and helpful staff.

      My account number is 21585*** and really recommend StockGlobal as a serious and complete trading company.

      Specially I highlight treatment and support of customer support as account manager and personal financial adviser as your main guru if you are beginner is so good, respectable, honest and professional that encourage me to do it on daily bases. Look forward a promissory future for all with her assistance and help.