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Tickmill Review | Forex Market Place

Tickmill Review | Forex Market Place


Tickmill is one of the relatively new forex brokerage platforms presented on FX market that has been operating since 2004, and proving a trader with the innovative level of trading including low spreads, STP and DMA trading opportunities, transparent trading conditions, offer no requotes as well as some other essential tools for a variety of purposes. 

Trading Conditions

Tickmill stockbroker offers simple, and most importantly – coherent trading conditions. The brokerage platform also provides the traders with some premium products with and services with an extended level of transparency. 

Thus, you can use more than 80 trading tools with spreads starting from zero along with the lowest fees presented on the FX market. 

Taking into account modern business needs Tickmill offers their clients to try out free educational deals, no-risk trades, trading signals as well as the constant communication with the technical support. 

As for newcomers, they can benefit from the useful educational courses, webinars, seminars, video footage, and infographics since these learning materials were developed by the team of trading experts. For other active traders, there is a trading mobile application available, which supports the usage of the MetaTrader4 terminal.

Trading Platform

Tickmill broker is considered to be one of the most convenient trading platforms amongst the majority of traders. The versatility is in the fact that this stockbroker can be utilized directly as a web-application without the necessity to install some additional software.  

The brokerage platform enables the trader to use a wide range of trading tools including two popular trading platforms as MT4 and WebTrader.

As for the broker price quotations, the platform does not provide information on the vendors. It seems strange but Tickmill to dictate to client unquestioning acceptance of the stock price quotations offered by a platform. There is some other ban to be considered – traders can’t compare price quotations with internal data given from the FX market. 

Welcome Bonus

New users could be able to receive a welcome bonus of $30 if they have just registered. Once the application is approved, the newcomer will receive those funds automatically. Keep remembering that you can use this welcome bonus within 90 days from the date of registration. 

The other positive sign of modern stockbrokers that each newcomer could benefit from using a free demo account and test his trading skills prior to entering the real FX market.





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Tickmill Review | Forex Market Place
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Tickmill Review | Forex Market Place
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Tickmill Review | Forex Market Place
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