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Top tea making devices

Top tea making devices


Surely you are used to teapots and simply do not know that there is a huge selection of tea making techniques that can do more than just boil water or heat it to a certain temperature.

Classic thermo pots, which boil and keep water hot, have always been the primary alternative to conventional electric kettles. They are convenient: you can always quickly brew tea, instant coffee and cocoa. However, classic thermo pots have a lot of nuances that people who first encounter this technique are surprised at.

For example, most thermal pots boil a full volume of water (usually 3.5-4.5 liters) very slowly - up to 45 minutes. After the kettle it takes an unusually long time (the exception is a new generation of thermopots, “grown from thermofilters-dispensers for water). Many inexpensive standard models do not have a power button - they just start heating when they are plugged in. In addition, it is problematic to pour out the remaining water from the thermopot if you need to completely renew the water or wash the tank: the thermopot is large and heavy.

What to look for when choosing a thermo pot

Look at the time when the full volume of water boils, for the presence of a power button and two ways of supplying water - electric (with a button), and mechanical - with a pump, this is useful when the electricity is turned off. If you have a small child, a low temperature setting (40 ° C) will be useful for preparing infant formula. For lovers of different types of tea, adjusting the water temperature is important.

Tea makers: tea on autopilot

Tea makers, or tea making machines, are still an exotic technique for Russia, but they exist and find fans. We are not surprised that the coffee machine allows you to select the temperature, portion size and strength level of the drink? So the tea makers are needed for this: I filled up the tea leaves, poured water, set the parameters, pressed the button - and enjoy the tea of the temperature and strength that you need.

What to look for when choosing a tea maker

Some manufacturers call tea sets as tea makers, which simply include a set of a teapot and a teapot, but this pair does not know how to automatically adjust everything and follow the user's settings. Examples of real tea makers: KitFort KT-603, Rommelsbacher TA 1200.

Tea Sets: Vertical or Horizontal?

There are two options: the teapot is installed on top of the main one, or they both stand side by side on the platform. In both cases, the teapot is heated. "Vertical" saves space, but in this case there is a greater chance of breaking the teapot. The most advanced "horizontal" options have platforms with touch control panels and displays. The heating temperature of the teapot can be adjusted, the temperature of the water in the main teapot can be adjusted; auto modes can be provided for different types of tea and for brewing coffee.



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Top tea making devices
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Top tea making devices
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Top tea making devices
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