TrendinGraphs forex broker | TrendinGraphs broker scam?

TrendinGraphs forex broker | TrendinGraphs broker scam?

For dynamically developing brokerage company TrendinGraphs, Forex broker is the territory of perfect expertise.  Here the company becomes a reliable partner, which is always ready to help the trader to feel steadily on the trade.

The globalization of the world financial market makes currency trading an attractive business. In the latest 27 years, the daily turnover of the forex market increased by more than five times. As calculated, the further growth of currency trading volume at the nearest two years will hit the threshold of $10 trillion daily. This market is huge. Even the global financial crisis cannot shake this market and make it to collapse. Trendin graphs broker is proud to be the part of the global financial market and successfully work for several years.

The main locomotive force for the forex market is the currency price fluctuations. The scope of factors influences the rate of each currency and the market in general: economic news of the major countries, some political news, and natural price dynamics. That is why trading requires a clear understanding of the objective economic laws and some experience in market analytics. Trendin graphs broker provides the educational materials for traders: market vocabulary, analytics, and consulting support.

Choosing a broker: the best one of many

There are more than 10,000 brokerage companies on the global financial market. Almost every day new brokers like Trendin graphs forex appear. Unsurprisingly, the old brokers often disappear. The brokerage is just another type of the business, and a poor management can result in business fail. In some cases the broker cannot continue working on the forex market because of license conflicts.

Taking in attention the existing market dynamics, there is a risk to find the bad broker. That is why it is recommended to deal only with the reliable brokers. Trendingraphs broker reviews show this is one of the most reliable brokers on the market. The company is run by the former traders, so the company management knows everything about the trading and cal really help to its clients.

On the surging market of the interbank currency exchange, TrendinGraphs forex is the broker that offers effective solutions. No matter the experience of the broker on this field, sustainable support is the guarantee of success and comfort. The company is ready to create the optimum conditions for growth, development, and profit-making.

Taking in attention the increasing number of fraud on the market, Trendingraphs broker warns: beware of scam! Actually, the scam exists on every market, and the market players put their best efforts to press out the scammers from the market. However, the huge volume of the market and the possibility to collect some money motivates the criminals to find out the ways to the legal forex market. Please aware of the scammers and always check the Trendingraphs broker reviews.

All benefits of the cooperation with TrendinGraphs Forex broker in the forex market

All rumors that TrendinGraphs broker reviews Company is a scam are groundless. The trade on the international financial markets required a wealth of knowledge in the finances, as well as the practical experience, which is fuelled by the young team energy. This team obtains all the necessary skills and benefits. Moreover, the in-depth knowledge in trading allows backing up the clients of TrendinGraphs broker and protect from the fraud, which is essential under the intense competitive pressure on the market.

As the brokerage company, TrendinGraphs offers to its clients:   

  • Safety and security – data confidentiality is strictly protected due to the client’s private access to the account, and the reliable system of data protection;
  • Profitability and comfort service – the company creates excellent conditions for the trading, offers the superb choice of trading opportunities and the toolsets for the plan realization;
  • High level of leverage – the proportion of the deposit to the amount available for bids opening, makes 1:300, that provides the opportunity to try the large transactions with the relatively small deposits;
  • Referral program – becoming the partner of TrendinGraphs as a broker, the trader gets the bonus payments to the trading account;
  • Competitive advantages regardless of the type of account – the opportunity to conduct transactions up to 50 lots and the unlimited number of available positions open the room for the financial maneuvers;
  • Good scope of work – up to 50 currency pairs;
  • Real assistance and consulting support – the company provides the service of a personal manager, who assists with the trading and protects the client from the fraud artists, as well as the access to the consulting of an advisor.

 The consulting support is worth a special mentioning. Every respectable TrendinGraphs forex broker company creates the support service for its clients. The excellent support is a tool that increases the loyalty in the broker’s client. It is the way to demonstrate the respect to the company clients.

The support service in Trendin graphs forexdoes not limit their service with the technical assistance. The support team can also consult the trader. However, he trader should make the weighted decision and take the full responsibility for this decision. The consulting service cannot provide the insider information about the work of the company or about the work of the currency market.

The trading platform MetaTrader 4 is worth the special mention. TrendinGraphs broker company that provides Metatrader4, the fast and convenient trading platform, to its clients. The platform provides access to the sizeable functionality despite the user’s qualification:

  • detailed technical analysis,
  • comfortable and modern trading system,
  • 128-bit data encryption, which excludes the ability to third-parties to access the account and protects the TrendinGraphs’ client transactions from the hacker attacks;
  • The wide range of the financial instruments, including the currency pairs, CFD, securities, commodities and crypto currencies;
  • algorithmic trading;
  • the option to add a large number of the languages and make the trading comfortable;
  • mobile apps for remote work.

Many traders complaint MetaTrader4 is outdated and demand for the newest trading platform. However, MT4 is still the best choice. This platform is checked with the thousands of brokers. Trendingraphs broker reviewsshow that approximately 70% of traders use MT4. However, the popularity in the trader community is not the sole reason for using MetaTrader4.

MetaTrader4 is a reliable platform. Due to the thousands of users, the glitches and bottlenecks of the platform were revealed and removed. Moreover: there is no single case of data leaks from MetaTrader4. This platform meets all the modern requirements to the software security. Trendin graphs broker really cares about data security of its clients, so MT4 is a choice.

Many forex traders use their individual trading strategy. They use several favorite indicators to predict the price fluctuations. MT4 allows using the different indicators, one by one or see several graphs at a time. Trendin graphs forex broker provides the analytical articles that explain the principles of indicators and how to use it for the successful trading.

To try the benefits of TrendinGraphs as a broker to the full extent and check the faithfulness of the users’ comments, you need to complete three steps:

1.    Open the trading account – follow the fast and user-friendly registration procedure via the email;

2.    Transfer the funds to the amount – you can use Mastercard or Visa card, as well as the most popular money transfer systems;

3.    Start trading.

The procedure of account opening is simple and easy. It is worth saying that Trendin graphs broker follows the recent laws regarding the personal data protection. We do not share your personal data with any third party. The only reason to ask the minimal amount of personal data is the account verification.

The verified account is the main requirements for financial operations. Trendin graphs broker should be confident that the money will arrive to the right person. That is why during the process of registration you have to disclaim some personal data.

Trendin graphs forex uses the modern system of the digital payments; the most simple and easy way to transfer money to the deposit is Visa card. However, if you cannot pay with visa, you can discuss the alternative methods of payment with the support team.

In the process of registration you should decide if you really need to disclose your personal data, please do this. If you have some concern, you can pause. The main principle of the company is to make money, and until the political reputation cannot sppon the window. 

Client accounts by TrendinGraphs broker on the Forex market

Trendingraphs forex broker

For the client’s convenience, the company offers different types of accounts that provide the optimal start for the traders with the diverse needs and financial reserves. You can choose the most appropriated type of account, using the following table.

Account name

Minimum deposit (USD)

Spread (from, points)


Trade amount (from… to, lots)





















Referral programs

Every client, which uses TrendinGraphs broker reviews on the Forex market, has an opportunity to take part in the referral program. Inviting new traders, who open the trading accounts, the referring partner gets bonuses to the trading account.

To become a part of a referral program, it is necessary to open the trading account and to use it for the trading. In this way, our client gets an opportunity to invite friends and partners to the Forex market. There is no limitation on the number of referrals, and there is no need for any particular skill.

Personal web site, blog on the popular platform, or account in social network can become the useful tool for the referral program. Every trader can popularize his or her trading and its results, discuss the most effective trading strategies, important news and trends. This is not Trendingraphs broker scam – just the usual everyday communication in the Internet.

However, the popular account about trading can be used for Trendin graphs broker referral program. Regular posts with the referral link can attract people, who are already interested in trading. In this way the referrer works for them as a forex guru and a teacher. When friends follow the referral link, they register on TrendinGraphs website and start working.

Referral program from TrendinGraphs broker is not a fraud, and it does not require any additional expense. The size and number of the bonuses depend on the quantity of the invited new clients and the amount of money on their primary deposits, and the activities of the new clients on the market guarantee the money transfer.

All abovementioned arguments prove the partnership with our company is a reasonable choice. It is a reliable and straightforward way for the beginner to start working on the Forex market, and, being the client of TrendinGraphs forex broker, avoid the fraud and the mistakes, which are typical for the beginner in trading.

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  1. Peter K. 06.12.2019
    Thank you for the reliable service, market conditions and a small but still profitable experience! In 2020 I want to try stock market through a TrendinGraphs broker — I want more stability, even the commodities are better than currencies when it comes to a long-term market trading. Although I must say that analytics helped quite a lot. But each time it’s not easy to decide who to listen to: analysts, your greed or your caution, and I’m out of this triangle to less nervous environment. TrendinGraphs Broker reviews: 9|10
    1. Uri.L 19.12.2019
      Does a TrendinGraphs broker allow online trading through a mobile application? Their manager used to tell me about the TrendinGraphs broker, and even about his life, but not about having a special mobile application for concluding financial transactions, and I can’t reach him because I didn’t get the number.
      1. Kaily. M. 27.12.2019
        Any withdrawals here? Did you get the money from TrendinGraphs broker? Reply please
        1. Hilly. T. 04.01.2020
          When I first got to TrendinGraphs forex site, I noticed the amount of information about broker services and was a bit intrigued. all spreads are visible for both short and long deals, all the details for trading hours, assets, and conditions are published even while you’re not registered. Looks more like a part of some bank than a forex trading company to be honest, and that’s a plus. Trading with TrendinGraphs broker for fourth month in a row and never regret it.
          1. Anont 13.01.2020
            Trading with Trendingraphs was mostly pleasurable.
            1. Micheal 19.01.2020
              For those seeking a beginner-friendly trading platform Trendingraphs can be a real spell. Good support, nice trading terminal (they use MT 4) and overall quality of service. Good broker reviews are well-grounded in this case.
              1. Benjamin H. 27.01.2020
                Was working with Trendingraphs; been here, done that you know. Wish I had more experience to analyse their platform for you guys, but I’m just a beginner in trading, I even don’t read broker reviews. Looks rather profitable for me.
                1. Susanna 02.02.2020
                  Okay, here’s the thing that really distinguishes Trendingraphs from an average trading platform: nothing! Not sure why you guys are so enthusiastic about it. Decent terms and all, surely it can be called reliable but that’s about it.
                  1. Leigh W. 11.02.2020
                    Well, this Trendingraphs platform isn’t that bad. I’ve seen worse.
                    1. Wang Hilly 18.02.2020
                      During the last couple of months Tradingraphs has become my main source of income. Who would’ve thought, huh, me a forex trader ))
                      1. Ballick Sh. 25.02.2020
                        To be honest, I don’t really care about all those additional bells and whistles other brokers try to use to lure people in. I care for profits only, and Tradingraphs do provide, so I’ll stick with them.
                        1. Sorrendy Q. 02.03.2020
                          It’s kinda hard to enter the trading market when you have a student’s loan like I do; still, found out that Tradingraphs has some great terms with low entry threshold for beginners like me and now I’m all into that.
                          1. Barry T1990 10.03.2020
                            Tradingraphs? Yeah, worked with them. Solid, quite solid. Good money, good times.
                            1. Dorry S. 19.03.2020
                              I wish I’ve learned about Tradingraphs earlier, so I could stop wasting time on all those empty startup projects I’ve been working on. Now I’m settled with them I guess.
                              1. Molly Colliny 23.03.2020
                                Money don’t grow on trees you know. You want to earn from forex market like I did — you better work with proven brokers like Tradingraphs.
                                1. Fane H. 30.03.2020
                                  Trendingraphs are good if you have enough knowledge and experience to make the most out of cooperation. If you do – don’t waste an opportunity.
                                  1. Farrell D. 03.04.2020
                                    I’ve seen a lot of support service teams, but those guys from Trendingraphs are the best. Solved my problem in no time, gotta give them credit.
                                    1. Ralphs T. 12.04.2020
                                      Listen, guys, does anyone know anything about Trendingraphs? I’ve heard they are kinda interesting for those looking to enter the forex market, but nothing specific. Care to elaborate?
                                      1. WifKinson A. 20.04.2020
                                        Becoming a partner of Trendingraphs was perhaps the single best decision I’ve ever made in my financial life.
                                        1. Neal A. 29.04.2020
                                          Did anyone else get calls from Trendingraphs? Are they for real? I mean, the guy seemed quite confident in what he was saying, but I’m still not sure.
                                          1. Babcock Joshua 03.05.2020
                                            Trendingraphs has their point. I’ve just doubled my investment capital after nine months of working with them and looks like it’s not the end of our story.
                                            1. Sincere Cruz 12.05.2020
                                              The vast majority of brokers on the market are just up to no good (or worse), at least Trendingraphs isnt like that.
                                              1. Ethan Hardy 21.05.2020
                                                I hate to break it to you guys but no broker can perform magic trick of turning bad financial education into gold. Trendingraphs is decent, you just need to learn about market trends and diversification at least.
                                                1. Reilly Barton 31.05.2020
                                                  Trendingraphs got me some good options for making a profit, but I'm still uncertain if the trading is worth the risk at all. Maybe I would be better off just putting money in a bank or smth.
                                                  1. Callum Cox 04.06.2020
                                                    Got myself involved with Trendingraphs recently and is quite happy about it. Money flows in, everything's fine. Hope it will stay this way.
                                                    1. Ryder Petersen 11.06.2020
                                                      Maybe Im misunderstanding something because of my lack of education, but can you please put the info on Trendingraphs in a bit more digestible form? Are they good or what?
                                                      1. Indigo Love 17.06.2020
                                                        I had a chat with a friend of mine who’s like a professional trader for life, serious business, and he told me that Trendingraphs may not be the best out there, but they are getting pretty close. Sound good enough to me.
                                                        1. Zacharia Worthington 22.06.2020
                                                          I'm not sure if I will join Trendingraphs in all that foreign exchange trading or not, but they seem really promising. If you judge them by their ability to show their good sides, they are very professional.
                                                          1. Rayhan Bush 27.06.2020
                                                            Trendingraphs for me is a nice way to get some extra money and they fill that role quite well. I see no reason to change my broker in the foreseeable future.
                                                            1. Jordi Park 01.07.2020
                                                              Had been working with Trendingraphs for a couple of months, received some considerable profits. The only problem is I'm not sure trading itself satisfies my expectations, I've thought that it can provide much better income. Still thinkingis it worht my while or not. Going to get more education in this field I guess.
                                                              1. Tyler-Jay Rios 06.07.2020
                                                                These Trendingraphs folks offer some good terms but I've got some problems with withdrawals, when I tried to withdraw my first profit it took me about a day and a half. Guys, you oughta do something about that, or at least get some agreements with payment provider idk because it's way to long.
                                                                1. Angelo Patterson 13.07.2020
                                                                  Hi guys, I'm puzzled with online trading… can anyone share some information on those Trendingraphs guys? I do really like their low starting deposits, there's not much I can say about other things. Gotta check more reviews.
                                                                  1. Rawad Janalee 19.07.2020
                                                                    This trading experience would be the first one for me, I’ve never even thought about trading before, so you can imagine the level of my worries when I was choosing a broker; for now I’m with Trendingraphs, but not making any far-fetched conclusions, next few weeks will show if they are worth my trust.
                                                                    1. Samuel Butters 24.07.2020
                                                                      What about Trendingraphs? I don’t really know what to say. You love metatrader? They might be right for you. You don’t mind waiting before the customer care service answers your ticket? Definitely give them a try. Otherwise they are just okay.
                                                                      1. Lloyd Falconer 30.07.2020
                                                                        Hey everyone! Wassup, how’s the trade? On the topic of brokers (looks like you guys are really into that stuff) – i’ve been working with Trendingraphs and can say that they’re really good but only if you possess some knowledge yourself, otherwise I’d recommend to spend more time on education.
                                                                        1. Clifton 01.08.2020
                                                                          I love the way this company manages to inspire the feeling of success and prosperity into their clients. Those aren't grounless emotions too, when it comes to profits and market navigation, this broker surely does deliver.
                                                                          1. Wilfred 03.08.2020
                                                                            Absence of withdrawal limits is my favourite feature of this broker. I love the possibility to withdraw exactly the amount I need when I need it, not waiting for a certain sum to accrue.
                                                                            1. Thomas 07.08.2020
                                                                              I just love how this broker makes everything in trading look really easy. I was struggling with my learning of core concepts before I've encountered them, and now I'm feeling pretty secure about trading.
                                                                              1. Stanley 11.08.2020
                                                                                When I switched to trading from my previous day job I was really intimidated by all the data and risks I've heard about… this broker company was a great help back then. I'm still cooperating with these guys and my profits keep rising.