TrendinGraphs forex broker: the right way to choose a forex broker

TrendinGraphs forex broker: the right way to choose a forex broker

For dynamically developing brokerage company TrendinGraphs, Forex is the territory of perfect expertise.  Here the company becomes a reliable partner, which is always ready to help the trader to feel steadily on the trade.

The globalization of the world financial market makes currency trading an attractive business. In the latest 27 years, the daily turnover of the Forex market increased by more than five times. As calculated, the further growth of currency trading volume at the nearest two years will hit the threshold of $10 trillion daily. That is why trading requires a clear understanding of the objective economic laws and some experience in market analytics.

On the surging market of the interbank currency exchange, TrendinGraphs is the broker that offers effective solutions. No matter the experience of the broker on this field, sustainable support is the guarantee of success and comfort. The company is ready to create the optimum conditions for growth, development, and profit-making.

All benefits of the cooperation with TrendinGraphs on the Forex market

All rumors that TrendinGraphs company is a scam are groundless. The trade on the international financial markets required a wealth of knowledge in the finances, as well as the practical experience, which is fuelled by the young team energy. This team obtains all the necessary skills and benefits. Moreover, the in-depth knowledge in trading allows backing up the clients of TrendinGraphs and protect from the fraud, which is essential under the intense competitive pressure on the market.

As the brokerage company, TrendinGraphs offers to its clients:   

  • Safety and security – data confidentiality is strictly protected due to the client’s private access to the account, and the reliable system of data protection;
  • Profitability and comfort service – the company creates excellent conditions for the trading, offers the superb choice of trading opportunities and the toolsets for the plan realization;
  • High level of leverage – the proportion of the deposit to the amount available for bids opening, makes 1:300, that provides the opportunity to try the large transactions with the relatively small deposits;
  • Referral program – becoming the partner of TrendinGraphs as a broker, the trader gets the bonus payments to the trading account;
  • Competitive advantages regardless of the type of account – the opportunity to conduct transactions up to 50 lots and the unlimited number of available positions open the room for the financial maneuvers;
  • Good scope of work – up to 50 currency pairs;
  • Real assistance and consulting support – the company provides the service of a personal manager, who assists with the trading and protects the client from the fraud artists, as well as the access to the consulting of an advisor.


The trading platform MetaTrader 4 is worth the special mention. TrendinGraphs is a broker company that provides Metatrader4, the fast and convenient trading platform, to its clients. The platform provides access to the sizeable functionality despite the user’s qualification:

  • detailed technical analysis,
  • comfortable and modern trading system,
  • 128-bit data encryption, which excludes the ability to third-parties to access the account and protects the TrendinGraphs’ client transactions from the hacker attacks;
  • The wide range of the financial instruments, including the currency pairs, CFD, securities, commodities and crypto currencies;
  • algorithmic trading;
  • the option to add a large number of the languages and make the trading comfortable;
  • mobile apps for remote work.

To try the benefits of TrendinGraphs as a broker to the full extent and check the faithfulness of the users’ comments, you need to complete three steps:

1.    Open the trading account – follow the fast and user-friendly registration procedure via the email;

2.    Transfer the funds to the amount – you can use Mastercard or Visa card, as well as the most popular money transfer systems;

3.    Start trading.

Client accounts by TrendinGraphs on the Forex market

For the client’s convenience, the company offers different types of accounts that provide the optimal start for the traders with the diverse needs and financial reserves. You can choose the most appropriated type of account, using the following table.

Account name

Minimum deposit (USD)

Spread (from, points)


Trade amount (from… to, lots)





















Referral programs

Every client, which uses TrendinGraphs on the Forex market, has an opportunity to take part in the referral program. Inviting new traders, who open the trading accounts, the referring partner gets bonuses to the trading account.

To become a part of a referral program, it is necessary to open the trading account and to use it for the trading. In this way, our client gets an opportunity to invite friends and partners to the Forex market. There is no limitation on the number of referrals, and there is no need for any particular skill.

Referral program from TrendinGraphs is not a fraud, and it does not require any additional expense. The size and number of the bonuses depend on the quantity of the invited new clients and the amount of money on their primary deposits, and the activities of the new clients on the market guarantees the money transfer.

All abovementioned arguments prove the partnership with our company is a reasonable choice. It is a reliable and straightforward way for the beginner to start working on the Forex market, and, being the client of TrendinGraphs, avoid the fraud and the mistakes, which are typical for the beginner in trading.

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