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Access Capital Markets scam check Recommendations scam ? Access Capital Markets scam website?



We are talking about the type of fraud that remains outside the close attention of police and law and occurs, in many respects, through the “fault” of the victims themselves. We are talking about fraudulent trading with brokerage services. So that our conclusions do not sound unfounded, we turned to the British company Access Capital Markets, and according to Access Capital Markets scam and other methods of fraud in trading are monitored by security specialists. This broker have a unique experience - more hen 10 years of stock exchanges and foreign exchange market.

According to the statements of the specialists of Access Capital Markets scam is an often practice especially in the exchange market. Beginners are the most vulnerable to it because they are lacking some information on how the market works.

Can scam victim get money back

How can a deceived trader return his money? There is a simple answer: if the money has already been transferred to the fraudster's account, then it will be extremely difficult to return it. You cannot do without involving the police, conducting an investigation.

The situation is more positive in European countries, where Access Capital Markets has been working for many years. But the recent arrival in the CIS has convinced the company that the local market is still very young, investors are inexperienced, and law enforcement officers are similar.

If it's almost impossible to get your money back, then what to do? The simplest conclusion is not to get caught. And for this you need to know the main markers that signal - "it's unclean here and it's better not to invest money!" scam and an honest broker - what's the difference?

Usually one search for brokers on the web. We will review well-known broker and clearly show you the difference.

Read all the documents: no data should be hidden

You need to see what information is shown by the broker. Usually all companies have a website. There new trader is registered and then opens an account to which he sends money to conduct foreign exchange trades. And you won’t send your money to a stranger. Therefore, any self-respecting company provides customers with information about themselves, their physical location (address), and also provides different ways to communicate.

For example all the necessary info you can find on the website Access Capital Markets. Scam website is most often limited to communication on the Internet - it either provides a feedback form or simply indicates an email address. That is, it can cut off the correspondence at any time, and the client will be left with nothing.

Company’s physical address should be written down. After all, it remains possible to sue, and for this, you should provide maximum information about the defendant. If there is no address or office location, this is a reason not to enter into cooperation with it at all.

But even if the address is listed, note where. If this is an unknown place in the Caribbean, it will be difficult to sue such a company. It is best to choose European brokers that automatically fall under the supervision of European regulators.

Use popular platforms for trading

In cases when broker is just "giving advice", but does not provide a terminal for conducting transactions, this is already very strange. This way is usually followed by very poor companies that only advise. Or, which is more often the case, this is generally a fraudulent scheme: when you are said you need to buy some «cool strategies» you should better stop the dialogue. Most likely, this is a scam and money-taking.

When the broker is decent, it provides all the opportunities for traders:

 - mobile and tablet apps (for you to trade anytime anywhere)

 - platform

At Access Capital Markets scam like “super successful strategy sale” is absent. There you can pick a desktop platform, a web one or a mobile application (or both).

Also at all site’s pages there are warning about all the risks of trading. And all info about the leverage. They are detailed in the menu in the documents section of the "Risk Disclosure".

Any good broker will never guarantee you some profits. All traders need to educate theirselves. They need to learn the market and its nuances. All this is freely available from Access Capital Markets.

Choose sites with verification

At first glance, it seems that this is a rather cumbersome procedure when the broker's security service wants the client to confirm his identity, place of residence and solvency. But in fact, this is protection for all parties to the transaction, since an honest company also wants to work honestly, without helping fraudsters to launder money or deceive other users.

For example, European brokers like Access Capital Markets are required to comply with the Anti Money Laundering laws aimed at combating money laundering from the shadow economy and crime. And also the terms of the Know Your Customer program, which is aimed at protecting against fraudulent transactions for all members. You can find out whether the company shares the basic values of honest trading already on the website. In the section of documents, there are definitely items related to this. Also, pay attention to registration - it can be quite simple, but requires verification.

Conclusion: According to scam can happen to many newbies, and recovering funds stolen by scammers is much more difficult than preventing the fraud itself. The client can follow the recommendations of an honest broker company in order to independently learn to identify dubious sites and cooperation schemes.



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