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Access Capital Markets scam check Recommendations scam ? Access Capital Markets scam website?



We are talking about the type of fraud that remains outside the close attention of police and law and occurs, in many respects, through the “fault” of the victims themselves. We are talking about fraudulent trading with brokerage services. So that our conclusions do not sound unfounded, we turned to the British company Access Capital Markets, and according to Access Capital Markets scam and other methods of fraud in trading are monitored by security specialists. This broker have a unique experience - more hen 10 years of stock exchanges and foreign exchange market.

According to the statements of the specialists of Access Capital Markets scam is an often practice especially in the exchange market. Beginners are the most vulnerable to it because they are lacking some information on how the market works.

Can scam victim get money back

How can a deceived trader return his money? There is a simple answer: if the money has already been transferred to the fraudster's account, then it will be extremely difficult to return it. You cannot do without involving the police, conducting an investigation.

The situation is more positive in European countries, where Access Capital Markets has been working for many years. But the recent arrival in the CIS has convinced the company that the local market is still very young, investors are inexperienced, and law enforcement officers are similar.

If it's almost impossible to get your money back, then what to do? The simplest conclusion is not to get caught. And for this you need to know the main markers that signal - "it's unclean here and it's better not to invest money!" scam and an honest broker - what's the difference?

Usually one search for brokers on the web. We will review well-known broker and clearly show you the difference.

Read all the documents: no data should be hidden

You need to see what information is shown by the broker. Usually all companies have a website. There new trader is registered and then opens an account to which he sends money to conduct foreign exchange trades. And you won’t send your money to a stranger. Therefore, any self-respecting company provides customers with information about themselves, their physical location (address), and also provides different ways to communicate.

For example all the necessary info you can find on the website Access Capital Markets. Scam website is most often limited to communication on the Internet - it either provides a feedback form or simply indicates an email address. That is, it can cut off the correspondence at any time, and the client will be left with nothing.

Company’s physical address should be written down. After all, it remains possible to sue, and for this, you should provide maximum information about the defendant. If there is no address or office location, this is a reason not to enter into cooperation with it at all.

But even if the address is listed, note where. If this is an unknown place in the Caribbean, it will be difficult to sue such a company. It is best to choose European brokers that automatically fall under the supervision of European regulators.

Use popular platforms for trading

In cases when broker is just "giving advice", but does not provide a terminal for conducting transactions, this is already very strange. This way is usually followed by very poor companies that only advise. Or, which is more often the case, this is generally a fraudulent scheme: when you are said you need to buy some «cool strategies» you should better stop the dialogue. Most likely, this is a scam and money-taking.

When the broker is decent, it provides all the opportunities for traders:

 - mobile and tablet apps (for you to trade anytime anywhere)

 - platform

At Access Capital Markets scam like “super successful strategy sale” is absent. There you can pick a desktop platform, a web one or a mobile application (or both).

Also at all site’s pages there are warning about all the risks of trading. And all info about the leverage. They are detailed in the menu in the documents section of the "Risk Disclosure".

Any good broker will never guarantee you some profits. All traders need to educate theirselves. They need to learn the market and its nuances. All this is freely available from Access Capital Markets.

Choose sites with verification

At first glance, it seems that this is a rather cumbersome procedure when the broker's security service wants the client to confirm his identity, place of residence and solvency. But in fact, this is protection for all parties to the transaction, since an honest company also wants to work honestly, without helping fraudsters to launder money or deceive other users.

For example, European brokers like Access Capital Markets are required to comply with the Anti Money Laundering laws aimed at combating money laundering from the shadow economy and crime. And also the terms of the Know Your Customer program, which is aimed at protecting against fraudulent transactions for all members. You can find out whether the company shares the basic values of honest trading already on the website. In the section of documents, there are definitely items related to this. Also, pay attention to registration - it can be quite simple, but requires verification.

Conclusion: According to scam can happen to many newbies, and recovering funds stolen by scammers is much more difficult than preventing the fraud itself. The client can follow the recommendations of an honest broker company in order to independently learn to identify dubious sites and cooperation schemes.


O’Connor’ Theodore

Came to Forex broker access capital markets last fall to learn how to trade. The company's reputation in the net is positive, despite the relatively recent creation period. I will share opinions and impressions. The conditions the broker set are not bad, spreads and quotes in general are according to the average market, very good speed and prompt withdrawal / replenishment. The opening and closing of transactions takes from 1-2 to 3-4 seconds, at the volatility take 5-6 seconds. Spreads are fixed and depending on the level of the tariff become more profitable. As much as I am here, so much the conversation about tournaments, competitions and promotions does not even rise, apparently, the broker himself does not like them and does not offer them to others))) There is nothing from the training material either, as well as demo accounts. Analytics is updated daily, an affiliate program for friends works. MetaTrader 4 trading platform, you can customize it or work with trading bots. It was especially comfortable for me while I was studying and gaining experience. When I withdrew for the first time, I passed verification. Money entered the card quickly, just two hours after sending the bid. Broker commission is zero, so only banking fee was paid.

Rich Brian

Good broker. Works recently, but very stable. In general, it does not offer the market anything new, but it does not change the conditions on the move. Spartan simplicity. Fast, clear, minimalist. As in the army. At the same time, everything is transparent and fair. Excellent support, does not climb in my business without the need. There are no demo accounts on the site, which is a plus for me. I am convinced that demos mainly use kitchens to lure customers. The first investment was $ 300 at the starting rate. There are three more expensive, but I still can not afford. Although, if there were one or two more between the first two tariffs, I would have immediately settled for the second or third. In the meantime, I decided to save. I mainly work with AUD and NZD, the spreads are static and correspond to the market. Commission for withdrawal / input from the broker is zero, top-up at the current rate. I like the level of technical support competence, it is a pity that it is so difficult to reach them on phone. I advise management to add other channels of communication with managers, for example, Skype or any instant messenger. Some people don't feel comfortable to call and much less to solve problems live. For a long time everyone is chatting online in real time already.

Conley Roy

From the very beginning everything was very fast and simple with the access capital markets broker. Opening an account, registering, installing a terminal, replenishing, and starting work, at a whole it took about 40 minutes. The platform MetaTrader 4, by the way, has a native mobile application. So I put it right on the laptop, tablet and phone. With the installation, I figured out respectively the instruction given by the managers after the registration. I like the speed here, it is high on all financial operations, including scalping. Checked the efficiency of the entire system, very satisfied. Breaks and brakes do not happen. There are requotes, slippages and decreases in speed at volatility, but all this is uncritical. The broker offers a wide selection of commodity items, for example, there are about 50 key currency pairs. The site has no entertainment type of intertrider tournaments, competitions and holiday promotions.

Powell Paul

I started trading here last spring. In access capital markets, there is a completely balanced support, I have never had any controversial issues, much less conflicts. No complaints about the technical side. Terms are sane. For me, it even more profitable when compared with the general situation on the market. There is only one trading platform, MetaTrade 4, but it is enough for a stable profitable operation. Quickly get used to predictable profit. Excellent analytics, a lot of convenient settings. You can trade with bots. In a storm, the speed decreases, this is understandable. In general, the execution is almost instant. Funds are withdrawn quickly, without obstacles. Do not forget to verify before the first removal. I feel comfortable here. It is a friendly version of the second earnings.

Morton Shanon

I remember, for a long time I did not dare to start trading in real life on the foreign market. I was very afraid to run into fraudsters. Therefore, for almost a year I sat only on demo accounts with different brokers, while I was looking for a reliable option for real trading. Three months ago, at the invitation of a friend, I opened an account with access capital markets broker. Everything is very simple and clear here. I trade with the terminal Metatrader. It took a full day to figure out and set everything up. Platform installed by the manual. Then I started learning how to work with bots, read analytics and choose my strategy. I had to call technical support to my personal manager several times. Once he helped to get out of the lock, and pulled out of drawdowns a couple of times. Recently, I withdrew first two hundreds of profit. I invested them in the purchase of a more operational phone and installed the MT 4 application there. Now I can trade from anywhere with the Internet. The impression from the broker is positive, I remain here and so far I see no reason to look for an alternative.

Carroll Harry

Perfectionism is my everything. If you choose a broker, then so that everything is clear and structured. That's why I became friends with access capital markets broker over the past six months. The system is stable, works like a fiddle, clear, transparent. The broker does not give unpleasant surprises. Profitable analytics, excellent order execution, well-qualified support. Managers behave tactfully, answer all questions. For me, this is a promising company with big ambitions. Employees clearly possess all the secrets of successful trading. According to the technical side, I have no complaints, as well as to the conditions in general. Everything here is almost like on the market, something even slightly lower. I use local analytics for my USD / CHF and EUR / USD pairs. A good percentage of hits, by the way. Here is very cool for lovers of scalping!! But tournaments and competitions are not here. It is not easy to contact with technical support, sometimes you have to wait for the connection to 10 minutes. But I call rarely. I found out everything for myself at the very beginning of work, and there are no problems.

Lindsey Rolf

Today, access capital markets is the most trustworthy company for me. There are no reasons for complaints at all. Even the difficulties with dialing do not bother me. I just do not call there))) Often I go on business trips and work on the road, if there is a stable Internet. Anyway, I caught disconnects a couple of times, but I was lucky, I managed to seamlessly close the deal. The speed of order execution always makes me happy. The calmer the market day, the higher the speed of opening and closing. Replenishment and withdrawal in principle are carried out promptly. Static spreads, sane quotes. Of course, I spoke with technical support at the very beginning. Good specialists work there who are able to advise and give useful advice on all issues. And they are always relevant in relation to the market situation. Mode round the clock. I even have a personal manager, I just barely use this service. Although I do not sit in the terminal for a full day, but with the help of bots I systematically catch a profit. Now I am saving up for the depot for the second tariff plan.

Houston Earl

Almost two years ago I opened an account at access capital markets broker with five hundred bucks. I took the starting package for $ 250, six months later with 2 k of bucks I moved to the next level and since then I raised the depot to 20k. It is clear that I did not save all the time. The money in the account were burning a hole in my pocket. In addition, at the very beginning there was a fear of losing everything. The company was still very young and I could only hope for the professionalism of the creators and employees. Over time, I realized that the broker is able to work stably. Trading conditions never changed. Fixed spreads, mega convenient platform MetaTrader 4, very good speed. I trade several pairs and something more from raw materials. I use some trading bots and my strategies for technical analysis. There are requotes, slippage can be minimized with the settings of MT. Beginners and experienced guys come here, you can scalp and even indulge in a proven cryptos. I do not even know what would make me get out of here)))

Thomas Clinton

The fact that there are accounts with market execution and normal spreads, pushed me to start right here.

Shepherd Jeremy

The first impression of the company is quite good, I hope that everything will be smooth.

Cook Donald

By the speed of the output, I think it enters the top three of the broadest brokers.

Ball Christopher

I recommend everyone who trades. There were no problems with the introduction and output of money, it works with a large number of various payment systems.

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